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Molecular Patterning of Presomitic Mesoderm

This imaging of the early mouse embryo shows the localised expression in mesoderm of the transcription factor Hes1 that cycles coordinately preceding the formation of new somite pairs in a rostro-cauldal direction.

Realtime expression of Hes1 in presomitic mesoderm (PSM) in the mouse embryo. Embryonic day E10.5 Hes1-Ub1-Luc embryo. Images were taken by 20-min exposure and binning of pixels 4 × 4 over a period of 15 h. Oscillation was propagated from the caudal end to S0 in the PSM."

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Somitogenesis 01 icon.jpg Mesoderm Hes1.jpg

Model for Sprouty4 and FGF in mesoderm segmentation

About Hes1

  • Hairy/Enhancer of Split (Drosophila), Homolog of, 1; HES1
  • basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) protein
  • transcription factor


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