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File:Xenopus_MRI_02.jpg</wikiflv> Movie shows a 2D fat time series in a sagittal view, which highlights the vegetal cell mass, also with 1 hour per frame and 39 um3 voxel size.

The embryo is oriented with the animal pole up and the dorsal side to the right.

The blastocoel is visible as a black sphere in the upper (animal) half of the embryo.

The animal cap tissue surrounding the blastocoel appears dark-red, and the vegetal cell mass at the bottom appears yellow/orange.

Here, the NMR signal of the protons from the tissue lipids were recorded, and hence images are termed "fat-images".

Scale bar is 300 um.

Quicktime movie alone

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Reference: <pubmed>16958098</pubmed>

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