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File:Xenopus_MRI_01.jpg</wikiflv> Movie shows a semitransparent 3D volume rendering with 1 hour/frame and 39 um3 voxel size.

Embryo is shown in a lateral view with the animal pole up and dorsal to the right.

The color look-up table is shown on top and the length of the time bar is 300 um.

The animal pole at the top is orange and the vegetal pole at the bottom is dark red/brown.

The blastocoel appears bright orange/pink. At the end of the sequence the archenteron appears at the dorsal side.

  • archenteron - cavity formed by endoderm during gastrulation which will form the primitive gut.
  • blastocoel - fluid-filled cavity within the blastula.

Quicktime movie alone

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Reference: <pubmed>16958098</pubmed>

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