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===Mouse Ependymal Cilia===
===Mouse Ependymal Cilia===
[[Cilium cartoon.jpg|thumb|Cilium cartoon]]
Motion of wild-type (mouse) ependymal cilia. See paper Fig. 3 for an analysis of the bending pattern.
Motion of wild-type (mouse) ependymal cilia. See paper Fig. 3 for an analysis of the bending pattern.

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Mouse Ependymal Cilia

thumb|Cilium cartoon

Motion of wild-type (mouse) ependymal cilia. See paper Fig. 3 for an analysis of the bending pattern.

Images were recorded at 200 frames/s and displayed at 10 frames/s. (20x slower than in the ependymal cells).

  • Ependymal ciliary beat frequency (CBF) wild-type animals 10.7 ± 3.7 Hz

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<pubmed>18250199</pubmed>| PMC223424 | J Cell Biol.


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