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Human Fertilization Detail Movie Links: MP4 version | Human Fertilization Movie | Fertilization | Zygote | Movies

Approximate Timing of Early Human Events (in vitro)
Human fertilization movie 2 frame 01.jpg Human fertilization movie 2 frame 02.jpg Human fertilization movie 2 frame 03.jpg
20 min - components 28 min - spermatozoa penetrates zone pellucida 31 min - spermatozoa penetrates oocyte - fertilization
See also clock in lower righthand corner for the approximate timing of events.
Links: Human Fertilization Detail Movie | Human Fertilization Movie
Reference: PMID 22695746 J Assist Reprod Genet.

Movie kindly contributed by Prof Yasuyuki Mio, Clinical Professor, Tottori University, Japan.


Mio Y, Iwata K, Yumoto K, Kai Y, Sargant HC, Mizoguchi C, Ueda M, Tsuchie Y, Imajo A, Iba Y & Nishikori K. (2012). Possible mechanism of polyspermy block in human oocytes observed by time-lapse cinematography. J. Assist. Reprod. Genet. , 29, 951-6. PMID: 22695746 DOI.


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Supplementary Video 1 - original video (13Mb, mpg) has been cropped, resized and relabelled.

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