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Model for Sequential Phases of Preplacodal Development

Late Blastula Stage
  • Bmp acts as a morphogen that specifies neural crest (NC) within a narrow but low range of signalling.
  • Higher levels of Bmp signaling establish the non-neural ectoderm as a broad zone of uncommitted cells with potential to form epidermal or preplacodal ectoderm (PPE).
  • Within the non neural ectoderm
    • changing levels of Bmp do not distinguish preplacodal from epidermal potential.
    • preplacodal competence factors are uniformly induced throughout this domain.
  • expression of tfap2a/c overlaps with the lateral edges of the neural plate where, perhaps in combination with neural markers, they cell-autonomously specify NC fate.
Late Gastrula Stage (9–10 hpf)
  • preplacodal ectoderm (PPE) fate is specified in competent cells near the neural-nonneural border by dorsally expressed Bmp antagonists, Fgf and Pdgf.
  • Complete attenuation of Bmp is required for PPE specification.

Relevant markers for each ectodermal domain are shown.

Experiments carried out in zebrafish.

Links: Placodes | Zebrafish Development


<pubmed>20885782</pubmed>| PLoS Genet.

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