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Molecular Development of Endocrine Pancreas Cells

Model placing gastrin cells in the transcriptional hierarchy of endocrine cells in the pancreas.

Four main endocrine adult cell types:
  1. alpha cells secreting glucagon
  2. beta cells secreting insulin
  3. delta cells secreting somatostatin
  4. PP cells secreting pancreatic polypeptide.
Pancreatic G cells
  • similar to alpha cells in that it is dependent on Arx.
  • similar to epsilon cells in that both gastrin and ghrelin are frequently co-expressed with glucagon in the embryonic pancreas.
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Factor Information
  • Pdx1 - Pancreas/Duodenum Homeobox Protein 1 OMIM 600733
    • transcription (transactivator) factor binds the TAAT element in the promoter region of target genes, mainly those involved in pancreas development.
  • Ngn3 - Neurogenin3 OMIM 604882
    • basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor involved in the determination of neural precursor cells in the neuroectoderm.
  • NeuroD1 - Neurogenic Differentiation 1 OMIM 601724
    • a basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) protein that acts as a transcription factors involved in determining cell type during development.
  • Arx - Aristaless-Related Homeobox, X-Linked OMIM 300382
    • homeobox protein that belongs to the Aristaless-related subset of the paired (Prd) class of homeodomain proteins.
  • Pax4 - Paired Box Gene 4 OMIM 167413
    • transcription factor containing a paired box domain.
  • Pax6 Paired Box Gene 6 OMIM 607108
    • transcription factor containing a paired box domain.
  • Nkx2.2 - NK2 Homeobox 2 OMIM 604612
    • homeobox (Hox) containing transcription factor contain a 60-amino acid evolutionarily conserved DNA-binding homeodomain.
  • Nkx6.1 - NK2 Homeobox 6.1 OMIM 602563
    • homeobox (Hox) containing transcription factor contain a 60-amino acid evolutionarily conserved DNA-binding homeodomain.
    • required for beta cells development and is completely conserved between rat, mouse, and human.
Human PAX Family  
Table - Human Pax Family
Approved Name Previous
Synonyms Chromosome
PAX1 paired box 1 20p11.22
PAX2 paired box 2 10q24.31
PAX3 paired box 3 WS1 HUP2 2q36.1
PAX4 paired box 4 MODY9 7q32.1
PAX5 paired box 5 BSAP 9p13.2
PAX6 paired box 6 AN2 "D11S812E, AN, WAGR" 11p13
PAX7 paired box 7 Hup1 1p36.13
PAX8 paired box 8 2q14.1
PAX9 paired box 9 14q13.3
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Suissa Y, Magenheim J, Stolovich-Rain M, Hija A, Collombat P, Mansouri A, Sussel L, Sosa-Pineda B, McCracken K, Wells JM, Heller RS, Dor Y & Glaser B. (2013). Gastrin: a distinct fate of neurogenin3 positive progenitor cells in the embryonic pancreas. PLoS ONE , 8, e70397. PMID: 23940571 DOI.


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