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Fig. 704. Cerebellum

Sagittal section of the cerebellum, near the junction of the vermis with the hemisphere. (Schäfer.)

  • constitutes the largest part of the hindbrain.
  • lies behind the pons and medulla oblongata
  • between its central portion and these structures is the cavity of the fourth ventricle.
  • rests on the inferior occipital fossæ, while above it is the tentorium cerebella
  • a fold of dura mater separates it from the tentorial surface of the cerebrum.
  • somewhat oval in form, but constricted medially and flattened from above downward, its greatest diameter being from side.
  • surface is not convoluted like that of the cerebrum
  • traversed by numerous curved furrows or sulci, which vary in depth at different parts, and separate the laminæ of which it is composed.
  • average weight in the male is about 150 gms.

Proportion between the cerebellum and cerebrum

  • infant about 1 to 20.
  • adult about 1 to 8.

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Gray H. Anatomy of the human body. (1918) Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger.

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