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Ida Caroline Mann
Ida Caroline Mann (1893-1983)

Dame Ida Caroline Mann (1893-1983) was originally a British and then Australian ophthalmologist. She was born in London and had many medical, research and university roles. After the second world war she migrated to Perth Australia and continued to practice and contribute in her new country.

During the 1920's Mann published several papers related to the development of the eye and its associated structures:

Mann continued to publish on many eye topics through to the 1980's (see PubMed Search).

For her full biography, see the online Australian Dictionary of Biography entry[6] An obituary also appeared for her in the journal Archives Ophthalmology in 1984.[7]

"After (her husband's) death in 1952 she travelled widely in outback Australia, at the request of the Western Australian Public Health Department and the Royal Flying Doctor Service, compiling records of the incidence of eye diseases, especially trachoma, among Aborigines. Later her investigations into communicable eye diseases extended to the Territory of Papua and New Guinea and to Taiwan. Indefatigable, through her seventies she continued to visit remote Aboriginal communities, in some places finding more than 80 per cent of the inhabitants suffering from trachoma. In 1954-55 she was president of the Ophthalmological Society of Australia. Helping to establish the Ophthalmologic Research Institute of Australia, she served (1953-74) on its research committee."

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