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Carl Toldt 1840 - 1920
Carl Toldt

Carl Toldt (Karl Toldt) (1840 - 1920) Austrian anatomist, professor of anatomy in Prague and Vienna. Published an account related to the structure and development of the human mesentery in 1879.


Obituary 27 April 1940 Nature 145: 654 – 663

"Prof. Karl Toldt, an eminent German anatomist and anthropologist, was born at Bruneck in the Tyrol on May 3, 1840. He received his medical education in Vienna where he attended the Josephinum under Hering and Lange. He qualified in 1864, and twelve years later was appointed professor of anatomy at Prague where he superintended the construction of an anatomical institute, and after his transfer to a corresponding chair in Vienna collaborated with C. Lange in creating a similar institute there. In 1877 he published a text-book on histology, of which the third edition appeared in 1888, and in 1896-1900, in conjunction with Alois Dalla Rosa, brought out an anatomical atlas which went through fifteen editions, of which the third was translated into English by M. Eden Paul in 1919. His other anatomical works included contributions to the study of fatty tissue, the structure of the mesentery, the anatomy of the human thorax and the growth of bone. After his retirement he devoted himself to anthropology, his most important work on this subject being on the form of the occiput in the population of southern Germany. He died on November 13, 1920."

Liver Development

His work was cited by Lewis in The Development of the Liver

Grosser O. Lewis FT. and McMurrich JP. The Development of the Digestive Tract and of the Organs of Respiration. (1912) chapter 17, vol. 2, in Keibel F. and Mall FP. Manual of Human Embryology II. (1912) J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia.


Toldt C. Die Entwicklung und Ausbildung der Drṻsen des Magens. Sitz.-Ber. der kais. Akad. der Wiss. Wien. Bd. 82, S. 57-128. 1881.

Toldt C. An atlas of human anatomy for students and physicians (1919)

Sehgal R & Coffey JC. (2014). Historical development of mesenteric anatomy provides a universally applicable anatomic paradigm for complete/total mesocolic excision. Gastroenterol Rep (Oxf) , 2, 245-50. PMID: 25035348 DOI.

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