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This Embryology category includes pages and images that relate to the Carnegie Collection Embryo No. 779. This embryo was classified as Stage 10 occurring during Week 4.

Mall FP. On the age of human embryos. (1918) Amer. J Anat. 23: 397-422.

  • 779 (Dr.— , Baltimore.) Embryo, GL 2.75 mm. The specimen though otherwise normal was later found to have spina bifida. It came from the physician’s wife. She is 37 years old, and is the mother of one child and this is her first abortion. She is very anxious to have children. Last period, August 29 to September 2. Abortion, October 12. Fruitful copulation, in the Woman’s opinion, September 25 and later. She does not state specifically that copulation occurred between September 2 and September 25. Menstrual age, 44 days. Copulation age, 17 days or less. Doubtful case.

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