Anatomical Record 5 (1911)

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Contents - January

J. Parsons Schaeffer Dissectible blotting paper models 1-9

B. F. Kingsbury The term “Chromaffin System” and the nature of the “Chromaffin Reaction” 11-16

Thyng FW. The anatomy of a 7.8 mm pig embryo. (1911) Anat. Rec. 5: 17 - 45.

Contents - February

A note on the source and character of the early blood vessels of the kidney Helmina Jeidell Pages: 47-54

Complete double ureter in man Abram T. Kerr Pages: 55-69

A self‐made naturalist George A. Piersol Pages: 71-86

Proceedings of the American Association of Anatomists twenty‐sixth session Pages: 87-89

Proceedings of the American Association of Anatomists twenty‐seventh session Pages: 90-97

Contents - March

William Snow MillerThe distribution of lymphoid tissue in the lung 99-119

Wesley M. BaldwinDuodenal diverticula in man 121-140

T. D. Merrigan An unusually large peritoneal fossa mesenterico‐parietal 141-144

Pierre A. Fish Black tops for laboratory tables 145-146

Contents - April

William Snow Miller - Abraham Chovet: An early teacher of anatomy in Philadelphia 147-172

Frank A. Stromsten On the relations between the mesenchymal spaces and the development of the posterior lymph hearts of turtles 173-178

Samuel T. Orton Note on an anomaly of the postcentral sulcus simulating the double rolandic of giacomini 179-181

A. Brachet On the development of the two first blastomeres of the frog's egg 183-185

Book Reviews

Normentafeln zur entwicklungsgeschichte der wirbeltiere 186

G. Carl Huber A method for isolating the renal tubules of mammalia 187-194

Gehirn und Rüuckenmark. Leitfaden für das Studium der Morphologie und des Faserverlaufs. Von Dr. Med. Emil Villiger. Zweite Auflage. Leipzig. Verlag von W. Engelmann. 1910. 278 pages and 224 figures. 195-196

Contents - May

W. M. Baldwin The pancreatic ducts in man, together with a study of the microscopical structure of the minor duodenal papilla 197-228

Herbert N. T. Nichols The occurrence in man of double ganglia upon the dorsal roots of the spinal nerves 229-247

Jeremiah S. Ferguson The reticulum of lymphatic glands 249-260

Contents - June

Geo. S. Huntington The development of the lymphatic system in the reptiles 261-276

Margaret Reed Lewis Warren H. Lewis The cultivation of tissues from chick embryos in solutions of NaCl, CaCl2, KC1 and NaHCO3 277-293


Charles S. Minot Note on the blastodermic vesicle of the opossum 295-300

Richard W. Harvey The volume of the ventricles of the brain 301-305

Jacques Loeb On the teaching of anatomy 306-308

Shinkishi Hatai A formula for determining the total length of the leopard frog (R. Pipiens) for a given body weight 309-312

B. F. Kingsbury The histological demonstration of lipoids 313-318

George L. Streeter Regarding the preservation of anatomical material 319-322

Victor E. Emmel A dissecting microscope, an accessory of the compound microscope 323-324

Contents - July

H. E. Jordan The microscopic anatomy of the epiphysis of the opossum 325-338

Mervin T. Sudler W. J. Baumgartner The gelatin method of preserving anatomical specimens with especial reference to neurological preparations 339-342

Mall FP. Report upon the collection of human embryos at the Johns Hopkins University. (1911) Anat. Rec. 5(7): 343–357.

Book Reviews

Simon H. Gage Retirement of Professor Burt Green Wilder 359-362


International Commission on embryological nomenclature 362

Localisation Motrice ET Kinesthèsique. Les noyaux masticateur et mèsencèphalique du trijumeau chez le lapin. By Edouard Willems. Le Névraxe, vol. 12, pp. 1–220, 1911 Pages: 363-364

Contents - August

M. Dresbach An instance of pancreatic bladder in the cat 365-371

Shinkishi Hatai An interpretation of growth curves from a dynamical standpoint shinkishi hatai 373-382

Albert M. Reese The anatomy of a double cat 383-390

Newton Miller A method for handling chick embryos 391-393

Eliot R. Clark An examination of methods used in the study of the development of the lymphatic system 395-414

Reorganization of the department of anatomy at Cornell university medical college, Philadelphia City Pages: 415-416

Contents - September

Sabin FR. A critical study of the evidence presented in several recent articles on the development of the lymphatic system. (1911) Anat. Rec. 417-446.

James Crawford Watt The buccal mucous membrane 447-455

Contents - October

H. E. Jordan A note on the anatomy of the pulmonary arteries of mammals 457-460

Marjorie M. Johnson A study in surface anatomy with special reference to the position of the umbilicus 461-471

E. Lindon Mellus A contribution to the study of the cerebral cortex in man 473-482

Ralph Edward Sheldon Some new laboratory furnishings 483-490

Contents - November

M. W. Blackman The anal glands of mephitus mephitica 491-515

H. E. Jordan The structure of heart muscle of the humming bird, with special reference to the intercalated discs 517-529

First Published: 01 November 1911 First Page PDF ReferencesRequest permissions

Thomas Dwight, M.D., LL.D. 531-539

Book Reviews

An anatomical guide to experimental rrsearches on the Rabbit's brain. BY Dr. C. Winkler and Dr. Ada Potter. Amsterdam: W. Versluys. 1911 Pages: 539

The twenty‐eighth session of the American Association of Anatomist G. Carl Hubber Pages: 540

Contents - December

Jeremiah S. Ferguson On the stroma of the prostate gland, with special reference to its connective tissue fibers 541-547

George M. Smith A statistical review of the variations in the anatomic positions of the caecum and the processus vermiformis in the infant 549-556

William A. Hilton The laryngeal cartilages of ambystoma 557-561

Book Reviews

  • The microscope. Simon Henry Gage. Comstock Publishing Company, Ithaca, Philadelphia Pages: 562
  • Note on M. W. Blackman's article “The anal glands of mephitis mephitica,” in the anatomical record for november 20, 1911

Lewellys F. Barker Pages: 563