2009 BGD Tutorial - Applied Embryology and Teratology

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This Medicine Phase 2 tutorial introduces the topics of Applied Embryology and Teratology. This one and a half hour presentation uses your existing knowledge of normal human development in an applied clinical manner in relation to our existing knowledge of teratogens. In addition, you should begin considering the variables that will not change and those that will in future medical practice.

Due to time limitations, only a brief coverage can be given of any one topic. You should return here and later work through the linked online resources for a more detailed description and understanding of these issues.

The same content is covered in the previous online 2008 Tutorial - Applied Embryology and Teratology (Royal Hospital for Women)


Applied Embryology: timeline of development, birth statistics, abnormalities statistics, unintended pregnancies, trophoblastic disease, embryonic development, placenta, fetal development, folic acid, multiple pregnancies.

Teratology: definitions, critical periods, medications, chromosomal abnormalities, environmental factors and infections.

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