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Port Macquarie BGDA Skype Setup  
Wallace Wurth G6/G7 is not set up for direct video connection to Port Macquarie.

The 10 steps below explain how a Skype connection can be setup in the class. Requires a laptop with Uniwide connection and HDMI cable.

  1. Log-in to the demonstrators desktop computer.
  2. Connect your laptop to the HDMI (or alternative VGA) port on the desktop behind the monitor.
    1. Connect your laptop to the powerpoint on the wall to ensure it does not run flat.
  3. Make sure the laptop is connected to the Uniwide wireless network.
    1. If not you can use eduroam network or will have to find a nearby port to connect the laptop by cable.
  4. Use the demonstrator control panel to select laptop/HDMI input.
    1. This will show your laptop screen on all the local projector units.
    2. Do not do this yet if you want to talk to just the Port Macquarie students first.
  5. Turn on Skype on your laptop.
    1. You will need to download Skype software and set up a Skype account if you do not have one.
  6. Videocall "lindaferrington".
    1. Alternatively you can search for the Skype user by name. We may need to set up a unique non-personal account in future.
    2. My user name is "Mark Hill" (m.hill@unsw.edu.au).
  7. When connected you should be able to see the Port Macquarie students in a new window.
    1. At this stage you can both see and talk to these students and also hear any sounds from their end.
    2. Ask them to wave if they can hear you clearly, adjust microphone accordingly.
    3. Ask them to be quiet during your local presentation and any other preliminary discussion you want to organise before the class starts.
  8. Click the + button at the bottom of the Skype window and select "screenshare".
    1. The Port Macquarie window will not be visible but they will see your laptop screen.
    2. The laptop camera light will remain on indicating that it is connected and they can see your screen and hear you through the microphone.
  9. If the camera light goes out you have been disconnected or lost connection. Simple repeat the connection procedure.
  10. Run your class as normal for Sydney.
    1. If using a browser display as full screen (F11).
    2. Zoom the screen (ctrl + or -) to ensure that clearly displayed locally and via Skype.
    3. Open images and movies in new tabs rather than closing the main window.
  11. When finished hangup Skype.

Note that UNSW also has access to ZOOM but Skype was easier to set up at short notice.

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