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Here are a few simple questions that relate to respiratory development.

Take the quiz and see what you know, if you get some wrong, try working through through the Lecture - Respiratory Development.

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{The lung buds grow into the coelomic cavity in the region: |type="()"} - pericardial cavity + pericardio-peritoneal canals - peritoneal cavity - amniotic cavity - septum transversum ||The pericardio-peritoneal canals are narrow spaces which connect the pericardial cavity to the peritoneal cavity.

{The lung bud mesenchyme gives rise to the: |type="()"} - pseudostratified columnar epithelium - epithelial lining of the alveolar sac + smooth muscles - type II cells ||The smooth muscles is a connective tissue and mesenchymal in origin. All the other cells are epithelial and derived from endoderm.

{The adult lung alveoli number is reached by: |type="()"} - canalicular stage - terminal sac stage - alveolar stage - newborn + childhood 8 years of age ||Postnatally the lungs continue to grow, adding new alveoli through childhood to about 8 years of age.

{Hyaline membrane disease is mainly associated with: |type="()"} - oxygen therapy at birth - type I pneumocyte development + type II pneumocyte development - diaphragmatic hernia - ceasarian delivery ||Hyaline Membrane Disease or newborn respiratory distress is due mainly to type II pneumocyte development occurring very late in fetal development. Premature infants may therefore lack type II pneumocyte secreted surfactant. Abnormalities | Preterm


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