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Dr Mark Hill

There are a number of simple quizzes that are available to test your knowledge of specific embryology topics. It is not so important to get everything right, but once you complete the quiz and check your results the revealed answers will provide information or links to help your understanding. Due to the way in which the quizzes are prepared and displayed, some errors may occur. Please let me know if you find errors in the quiz such as; poorly designed questions, wrong or inaccurate answers.

Logo-quizz.gif There are currently only a few quizzes developed, see Category:Quiz, and the level of knowledge assessed may vary from test to test. Have some fun!

Quizz - to test the knowledge of a topic by posing questions.


Medicine Practicals: Foundations Embryology - BGDA Fertilization to Implantation | Embryo | Fetal | Placenta - BGDB Gastrointestinal | Face and Ear | Sexual Differentiation

General Embryology: Ectoderm Quiz | Mesoderm Quiz | Early Heart Quiz | Placenta Quiz | Respiratory Quiz | Renal Quiz | Genital Quiz

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