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Online Editor - "Dobbin" Embryo Stage 8 
Further descriptions of the "Dobbin" Embryo characterised as (Carnegie Stage 8) can be found in the following papers:
  1. Hill, J. P., and Florian, J. 1931a. The Development of Head-Process and Prochordal Plate in Man J Anat. 1931 Jan;65(Pt 2):242-6. PMID 17104317
  2. Hill, J. P., and Florian, J. 1931b. A Young Human Embryo (Embryo Dobbin) with Head-Process and Prochordal Plate. Phil. Tran. Roy. Soc. London B, 219, 443-486.
  3. Hill, J. P., and Florian, J. 1931c. Further note on the pro-chordal plate in man. J. Anat., 46, 46-47. PMID 17104356
Note the rostral end of notochordal process was at first mistaken for prechordal plate, see published correction.