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Attempt the Quiz - Maternal Decidua  

Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Maternal Decidua from the practical.

1 During late pregnancy, which of the following layers of placental membrane is in direct contact with maternal blood?

  the cytotrophoblastic shell
  the syncytiotrophoblast
  the extraembryonic mesoderm
  the intraembryonic mesoderm
  the endothelium of placental blood vessels

2 Which one of the following statements about the maternal decidual reaction is most correct.

  the maternal decidual reaction commences at the site of implantation
  the maternal decidual reaction protects the uterine wall from over implantation
  the maternal decidual reaction spreads through the entire uterus
  the maternal decidual reaction involves the uterine stromal cells
  all of the above refer to the maternal decidual reaction

3 How is the uterine cavity lost?

  decidua basalis and decidua capsularis fuse
  decidua basalis and decidua parietalis fuse
  decidua capsularis and decidua parietalis fuse
  all decidual layers fuse
  none of the above

4 Which maternal arteries are remodelled by trophoblast cells?

 internal iliac artery
  uterine artery
  arcuate arteries
  helicine arterioles
  radial arteries
  spiral arteries

5 Which of the following terms best describes the form of human placental organisation/classification?


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