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Second Trimester Interactive Component

Attempt the Quiz - Second Trimester  

Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Second Trimester development from the practical.

1 During the second trimester the fetus increases in crown rump length (CRL) from about ?? to ?? cm:

  30 to 37
  5 to 50
  8 to 37
  none of the above are correct

2 During the second trimester the fetus increases in weight from about ?? to ?? gm:

  15 to 60
  23 to 875
  230 to 700
  40 to 1000

3 The best answer for the fetal head circumference at the end of the second trimester is:

  less than 100 mm
  more than 100 mm
  more than 150 mm
  less than 200 mm
  more than 200 mm

4 The best answer for respiratory stage(s) during the second trimester:

  Embryonic to Pseudoglandular
  Pseudoglandular to Canalicular
  Canalicular to Saccular
  Saccular to Alveolar
  None of the above

5 Which of the following option{s) describes the vernix caseosa:

  present from the second trimester onwards
  a bilayer formed by corneocytes embedded in a rich lipid matrix
  formed by the sebaceous glands and epidermis
  anchored to the fetal epithelium by lanugo hair
  protects the fetal skin from the watery amniotic environment

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