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Week 4 Embryo - Stage 13 Movies  

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Week 4 Embryo surface view

Week 4 Stage 13 embryo shown as rotating with surface details.


  • head region is the neural tube covered in a thin layer of surface ectoderm.
  • pharyngeal arches in head region that will develop into head and neck structures.
  • heart is large and in the form of an "S" shaped tube.
  • somites can be seen along the length of the embryo body.
  • limb buds have begun to develop.
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Central Nervous System

Week 4 Stage 13 embryo shown as rotating with details of the CNS brain and spinal cord.


  • brain - vesicles and primary brain flexures.
  • heart
  • liver
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This movie shows sagittal sections through the Stage 13 week 4 human embryo region of the pharyngeal arches (contributing to head and neck development) and the heart.

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 ‎‎Embryo CNS
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Stage 13 MRI S01.jpg
 ‎‎Heart Sag MRI
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 ‎‎Sagittal EFIC
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