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Quicktime Extension

Size/Width attributes don't hold up in Internet Explorer (6 or 7)

Base Syntax


Attribute Reference

  • width=px or % (Modify the width of the object)
  • height=px or a% (Modify the height of the object)
  • autoplay=true/false (Start playing the file or wait at first frame, default:true)
  • controller=true/false (Show the controller, default:true)
  • name (object-specific)
  • id (embed-specific)
  • src (embed-specific)

Note - if you show the controller you should reserve 16 additional pixel height for it.




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Cropping a Video in Quicktime

Use an image editing program to make a mask.

1. Open the movie file in QuickTime and hit Command + C to Copy it. (You're actually just copying a frame) 2. Launch your image editor and paste in the clipboard's contents (the frame of your video file) into a new document. Make sure the document size is the same size as the image you just pasted. 3. Using the Selection, Paint Bucket, Fill or whatever tools you have available make the part of the video you want solid black. Make the part of the video you want to crop (to go away) solid white. 4. Save out your image as a .jpg or .gif or whatever format you like. 5. Open the movie to be cropped in QuickTime 7 if it's not already, and then hit Command + J for "Show Movie Properties". 6. Click "Video Track" in the top portion of the window. 7. Click "Visual Settings" in the lower portion. 8. Under "Mask" on the left hit the "Choose…" button. (or, even easier, drag your mask image file into the Well here. 9. You'll INSTANTLY see your opened QuickTime movie crop to the mask. 10. Notice that both the Movie Properties and QuickTime Player windows have "unsaved" dots in the close widget. Close the Movie Properties window. 11. Export away.

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New Table display

Renal blood 01 icon.jpg Gonad blood 01 icon.jpg Fetal circulation 01 icon.jpg Neonatal circulation 01 icon.jpg
Renal Blood Supply Gonad Blood Supply Fetal Circulation Neonatal Circulation

To be Added

Quail HH stage 2 fibronectin movement.jpg
 ‎‎Gastrulation ECM
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Quail HH stage 2 fibronectin movement.jpg
 ‎‎Gastrulation ECM
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| Urogenital septum 001 icon.jpg | Trigone 001 icon.jpg | Renal 001 icon.jpg |- | Urogenital Sinus | Urogenital Septum

Week 1

Model embryo to 32 cell stage icon.jpg
 ‎‎Morula Model 1-32 Cells
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Ovulation icon.jpg Fertilization 001 icon.jpg Parental genome mix 01 icon.jpg Mouse zygote division icon.jpg Mouse zygote division 02 icon.jpg Mitosis 01 icon.jpg Embryo mitosis icon.jpg
Parental genome
Embryo Mitosis
Mitosis Embryo Mitosis

Neural crest migration in the head in chicken (chicken neural crest movies overview)
Chicken-neural-crest-migration-01.jpg Chicken-neural-crest-migration-02.jpg Chicken-neural-crest-migration-03.jpg Chicken-neural-crest-migration-04.jpg Chicken-neural-crest-migration-05.jpg Chicken-neural-crest-migration-06.jpg Chicken-neural-crest-migration-07.jpg
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Mouse face Bmp4 icon.jpg
 ‎‎Mouse Face Bmp4
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Bat icon.jpg
 Bat embryo (st 19)
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Birth MRI icon.jpg
 ‎‎Human Birth MRI
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Embryo stages 002 icon.jpg
 ‎‎Human Embryo
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Fetal growth icon.jpg
 ‎‎Fetal Development
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Human development 001 icon.jpg
 ‎‎Human Development
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Gonad-icon.jpg Gonad-icon.jpg Female external 001 icon.jpg Male external 001 icon.jpg Uterus 001 icon.jpg Testis 001 icon.jpg
 ‎‎Ovary  Testis‎‎  Female External  Male External  Uterus  Testis Descent
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