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On the retirement of Prof. Dr. med. Klaus V. Hinrichsen's Profile

Dietrich Habeck

On the Emeritus With this issue and the working session of our Society on 28 November 1992 we want Our member, the university professor Dr. Klaus Volquardt Hinrichsen on the occasion of his Emeritus honor. This took place at the end of July This year, after his 65th birthday on July 7th . Year. We honor Klaus Hinrichsen a successful anatomist, And university lecturers, but above that At the same time, a special In our university landscape He is characterized by his versatile inter- Food and activities, which Are connected with an incorruptible, critical Rial judgment and consistent straight-line And perseverance. A wide range of In the physical institute The Research Center for Dairy in Kiel, The study of medicine in Kiel and Göttingen, Activities as a guest assistant, Assistants and assistants As well as apl. Professor in Göttingen, the calling To an anatomical chair according to Tübin- And the election to the rector of the In the turbulent time from 1969/70 to To the appointment to the Ruhr University Bochum, where his second term as a local The Dean or Prodekan only this year . Ran In the course of these varied professional Development, Klaus Hinrichsen A comprehensive scientific work, Which shall be assessed elsewhere got to. In short, however , I would like to mention his Versatile high school policy. So Fell into the reign of his Rectorate in Change from the old constitution to the New basic regulations of the universities in Baden- Wuerttemberg. Particularly to be exhibited by Prof. Dr. med. Klaus V. Hinrichsen Dietrich Habeck The various overpowering activities in The former West German Rectorsenkon- Sions , the Presidency is chaired by the Commission The numerus clausus " from 1970 to 1975 And the subsequent membership in the Commission for planning, capacity and abstract ask. From 1973 to 1974 he belonged to the Advisory Board of the Central Distributorship (ZVSI an. Hinrichsen later stayed with the licensing system Closely linked by his commitment to the Test development for medical Dium and finally by its intense For the introduction of selection As an individual, personality- To the medi- zinstudium. These and other domestic Merits are the international activities In the Advisory Committee on Medical Training at the European Community Brussels. There , Hin- On the proposal of the Westdeutsche Rek- And the Medical Faculty From 1974 to 1991 The board of directors was Hinrichsen From 1984 to 1990, thereby contributing to the During his meetings , With questions of medical training . In North Rhine-Westphalia is Klaus Hinrichsens Name is inextricably linked to the Tion and realization of the "Bochum Mo- Dells ", the beginning of 1977 a successful The first Bochum Dean's Office finished. As a result of financial hardship, - the lack of funds for construction and Direction of a Bochum university hospital - And its effectiveness by skeptics was first questioned As an extremely fruitful and didactically Full innovation in German medical studies, namely the inclusion of hospitals from the region into clinical training.

The relatively early step under the Retorman- For our medical studies The above- mentioned high school policy and Other achievements were made by Klaus Hinrichsen In the 'Murrhardterkreis', one of the Ro- Bert-Bosch-Stiftung supported multiprofessio- Under the title "Das Doctor image of the future " analyzes of the future Requirements for the doctor. From consequences for medical training And the ways of their reform. Finally , Klaus Hinrichsen Experience among other things in our company Association for Medical Education brought. We appreciate the fact that he Since 1981 the board of our company And there as well as in the member- Gremium fruitful suggestions and contributions Has been introduced. Klaus Hinrichsen is not a Schleswiger Man of many words. But he is a decided- And persevering advocate of his opinion. And convictions. This was shown Especially when it comes to the autonomy of the high- School went to a demanding medical Training with the promotion of critical With the students and with Respek- The dignity of the individual in one Mass university. Like a rock in the surf I have a picture of him in memory of Last Medical Faculty Day in Regens- Burg, where he - supported on a floor - From a group of participants. As Anatomy the somatic structures of our Life , he has also Of the human organism Own body. In front of this All his merits and his Tireless commitment a special Mass. That his diverse interests, His enthusiasm and his creative power May be preserved for a long time, For his next life cut