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Preface. By A. W. Meyer 5-11

Chapter I Origin of the collection. By F. P. Mall 13-24

Chapter II Care and utilization of the collection. By F. P. Mall 25-40

Chapter III Classification. By A. W. Meyer 41-49

Chapter IV Analysis of abortuses classed as pathologic. By A. W. Meyer (Plates 1-6.) 51-170

Group 1 : Specimens composed of villi only 51-59
[2: Chorion without amnion or cyema] 60-69
Group 3: Chorion with amnion 69-74
Group 4: Chorionic vesicles with nodular cyemata 74-81
Group 5: Cylindrical cyemata 81-85
Group 6: Stunted cyemata 85-92
Group 7: Fetus compressus 92-102
Summary 102-107
Protocols 107-170

Chapter V Relation of cyemic to chorionic size. By A. W. Meyer 171-176

Chapter VI. Sex incidence in abortions. By A. H. Schultz 177-191

Chapter VII. Occurrence of localized anomalies in human embryos and fetuses. By F. P. Mall (Plate 7.) 193-202

Chapter VIII. Hydatiform degeneration in uterine pregnancy. By A. W. Meyer (Plates 8-12.) .... 203-231

Chapter IX. Hydatiform degeneration in tubal pregnancy. By A. W. Meyer (Plate 13.) 233-242

Chapter X. The alleged occurrence of superfetation. By A. W. Meyer (Plate 14.) 243-250

Chapter XI. Ovarian pregnancy. By F. P. Mall and A. W. Meyer (Plates 15 and 16.) 251-266

Chapter XII. Lysis and resorption of conceptuses. By A. W. Meyer 267-279

Chapter XIII. Postmortem intrauterine changes. By A. W. Meyer (Plates 17-19.) 281-300

Chapter XIV. Hofbauer cells in normal and pathologic conceptuses. By A. W. Meyer (Plate 20.) 301-314

Chapter XV. The villi in abortuses. By A. W. Meyer (Plates 21-23.) 315-326

Chapter XVI. Villous nodules. By A. W. Meyer (Plate 24.) 327-331

Chapter XVII. Changes suggestive of lues. By A. W. Meyer 333-338

Chapter XVIII. Some aspects of abortion. By A. W. Meyer 339-356

Bibliography. 357-364