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Abdominal cavitv, development of,

215 Accessory sii])nirenul oi*};ans, 242

thyroid. 227 Acetabiilur fossa, 404 Achoria, 1)4 Achroiuatin, 27 Acid colls, formation of, 200 Acoustic gaii)j:lioii, ;J21 Acusticofacial jraiijilioii, 321 Adaniantoblasts. I'.VJ Adenoid tissue. develo|>ineut of, 129 Adipose tissue, formation of, 12G After-birth, 104 After-brain, 2S7 Age of fetus, estimation of, 122 Air-chambtT of hen's e;;i;, 29 Air-sjK's, development of. 2"2o Ala* of n<)se. <h'volopment of, 3<)2 Aiiir lamina. 290 Alecithal ova, 2()

Alimentary c^inal, develoi)ment of, Ls5 * diflcrentiatiou into separate region^. 11>7 histolojiical alteratitms in. 20.")

tract, alteration in position of parts, 202 in«.'rease in length of. 201 Alisphenoids. .'{91 Allantoic arteries. 90, 104

circulation. 90 formation of, 103

stalk. .N'>

veins, im, 104 Allantois, ^9, 190. 2.")

function of. JM)

resi)iratory function of. 200 Alveoli, ]>ulmonarv, development of,

225 Ameloblasts. 1.39 Amnion, HI, t<'2

false, si

of man, >^^ Amnion-fold, 80. J^l. R3 A mil iota. H3 Amniotic cavity, 54, 84. 5i5

lluid. 85. SO functi<ui of, J^O

suture, S3 Amphibians, blastula of. 51 Amt)hioxus. blastula of. 50

.skehjtal apparatus of, 372

Ampull(e of semicircular canals, development of, 34rt

seminal, 240 Anal canal. 257

membrane, 195

l»late, 195 Anamnia, Si Angioblast. 147 Animal ]Mjle. 27 Animalculi^ts. 18 Anhige, 175

median, of thyroid body. 228 Annular sinus, 179 Annulus ovalis, 157 Anomalous arrangements of aortic

aivh, lOs Anterior chamber of eye, 342

nares. development of. 1 10, 3«U»

pyramidal tmcts of medulla, development of, 2JK> Antitragus, formation <»f, 35*< Antrum of liighmore. development

of, 301 Anus, development (»f. 195

imi)erforate, 1!»7 Aorta, caudal, KJO

develo]iment of. 159

l)rimitive, 151. 1(J5 Aortic arch, anomalous arrangements t.f, HW

arciies. 105

septum. 159 Api>enda«j:es of skin. 27n Appendicul.-ir skeleton. 372

deveIo])ment of. 4<>2 Aque«lu«t of Sylvius, development of,

29(> Arch, hyoid. 115

mandibular. 115

maxillary. 115

of aorta. d«*velo]»ment of, 107 Arched eolle(>ting tubule of kidney,

240 An'heiitenm. 52 Ar;lie>. aortic. 105

branehial. 114

mandibular. 1.35

visceral, 112 Arehibla«<t. Of! Arcuate fissure. 300. .307 Area, embryonal, 5S

glamlular, 275

opaca, 59




Area pellucida, 59

vasculosa, 59, 88, 150 Areas, iiasail, 145, 359 Areola, development of, 276 Areolar tissue, develo))tueiit of, 125 Arrectores piloruiii, 2b9 Arteria centralis retinae, development

of, ;«5 Arterial system, fetal, 165 Arteries, allantoic, 90, 164

umbilical, 103, 165

vitelline, 151 Artery, carotid, common, development of, 166 external, development of, 166 internal, development of, 166

innominate, development of, 167

middle siicral, development of, 166

pulmonary, development of, 168

subclavian, left, development of, 168 right, development of, 167

superior vesical, 182 Arytcno-cpiglottidean folds, 226 Arytcn»>id cartilages, development of, 22()

ridges, 22(> Ascending colon, formation of, 203

me.socolon, formation of, 203

root of lifth nerve, 224

root of vagus, 290 Aster. 45

Atlas, formation of, 381 Atresia of pupil, 3:tt. Atrial crescent, 157 Atrioventricular canal, 156

valves, ]56 Atrophic tubules of Wolffian bmlv,

23() Attract ion -sphere, 45 Auditory apparatus, development of. 3*15

meatus, external, formation of. 357

nerve, formation of. 321

nucleus, lateral accessorv. 321

]>it. 3I(» Auricle, (levelopuKMit of, 35R Auricles, division into right and left,

157 Auricular ap])eudages. 159

canal. 15<)

<;cptuni. 157 Auriculovcntricular a]»ertures. 161

valves. \i]'2 Axial tiher of spern«arozo<m. 20, 22

skeleton. 372

development of. 37'> Axis. (leveio]>ment of. 3>0 Axis-cylinder process. 2>1

IUui>kkn's primitive disk. 377, 379 Hartholiji. glands uf. '2til Basil ganuHia. .".(K]. ,3Hl

lamina. 2!>o Hasi-ocripital bojie. .390 Rasisphcnoid, 394

Belly-stalk, 85 Bifid uterus, 253

Bile-capillaries, formation of, 209 Bile-ducts, formation of, 209 Bladder, development of, 255 Blastema, Wolffian, 236 Blastodermic vesicle, mammalian, 50 stage of, 49

two- layered stage of, 52 Blastopore, 52 Blastula stage, 49 Blood, development of, 126, 147 Blood-islands. 148 Blood-lacunee, 97 Blood-platelets, 150 Blood-vessels, 150 "Blue baby," 158 Bodie^i, polar. 3.3, 34 Body of vertebra, formation of, 377 Body-cavity, 63, 6(>, 214 Body-wall, development of muscles of, 367

formation of, 79 Bony cochlea, development of, 352

labyrinth, development of, 351

semicircular canals, 351 Bowman, capsule of, 238, 240 Brain, development of, 286 Brain-case, 384 Brain-membranes, development ot,

302 Brain-vesicles, 287

derivatives of, 316 Bninchial arches, 114

development of, 369 Bran chiome res, 78 Bridge of nose, development of, 362 Broad ligament of uterus, 255 Brunner. glands of, 206 Bud, embryonic, 54 Bulbus arteriosus. 156

vestibuli. 259 Burdax'h. tract of. myelination of, 414 Bur>;i. omental. 20l,'21S

pharyngeal. 136 Bni-sal sacs, development of, 126

('ADrcors niembrjm<»s, 195 C'tecum, develo]mient of, 202, 203 Calcaravis. 308 Calcarine fissure, 303, 308 Callosoniarginal fissure, 309 ("'anal, anal, 257

atrioventricular, 156

auricular. 15()

hyaloid. 339

medullary. 70

neural. 70. 279. 281

jieurenteric. 74. 281

of anus. 197

«.f His. 145. 227

of Xuck. 255

of Stilling, 339 Canaliculi. hurrimal, development of, 345



Canalis reuniens. 349 Capsule of Bowman, 238, 240

of kidney, 241 Cardinal veins, 164 anterior, 189 posterior, 169 Carotid artery, common, development of, 166 external, development of, 166 internal, development of, 166

body, 325 Carpus, development of bones of, 405 Cartilage, formation of, 126

Meckel's, 115, 398

Reicbert's. 115 Cartilage-cells, 126 Cartilaginous capsule of cochlea, 352

cranium, 386

ear-capsule, 351

ribs, 382

sheath of spinal cord, 378

stiige of skeleton, 373 of trunk skeleton, 377

vertebral bodies, origin of, 379 processes, origin of, 379 Caudal aorta, 166 Cavity, amniotic, 54, 84

cleavage-, 50

pleuroperitoneal, ^

segmentation-, 50 Cell-cords, 150 Cell-mass, inner, 50

intermediate, 77, 232

outer, 50 Cells, sexual, 31

mesenchynjal, 66 Cementum of tooth, 137

development of, 141 Central canal of cord, formation of, 286

lobe, formation of, 305 Centrolecithal ova, 27 Centrosome, 45 Cephalic flexure, 112,288

ganglia, development of, 320 Ceratohyal, 402

Cerebellum, development of, 292 Cerebral fissures, development of, 302

vesicles, 287, 288 Ce numinous glands. 273 Cervical fistula, 116

flexure. 112

rib. 380. 383 Chalazsp, 29 Chambers of eye. 342 Chin ridge. 13.'> Chorda dorsjilis. 73 formation of. 373 stage of. 373 Chordte tendiiu'jp. 162 Chordul ei)ithelium, 374

plate, 74

region of primitive skull, 387 Choriata, 94 CIiorioc:;pillaris, 340

Chorion, 92

frondosum, 93

leve, 93

primitive, 92

true, 92 Choroid, coloboma of, 341

development of, 340

fissure, 306, 307

plexus, 308

plexuses of fourth ventricle, 291 Choroidal fissure, 330, 341 ChromafiSne cells, 325 Chromatin, 27

Chromosomes, reduction of, 23 Cicatricula, 28 Ciliary body, development of, 341

ganglion, 320

muscle, development of, 341

processes, development of. 333, 341 Circulation, allantoic, 90, 163

placental, 147

portal, 177

vitelline, formation of, 147 Claustrum, 303 Clavicle, development of, 404 Cleavage, kinds of, 47

of ovum, 45

partial discoidal, 48 peripheral, 48

total equal, 47 unequal. 47 Cleavage-cavity, 50 Cleavage-nucleus. 43 Cleavage-planes, 46 Cleft palate, formation of, 137

stem urn, 383 cause of, 82

uvula, fonnation of, 137 Clefts, visceral, 112 Climacteric, 38 Clitoris, development of, 259 Cloaca, 190, 196, 256 Cloacal depression. 197, 256 Closing membrane, 113, 117, 106 Coccygeal body, 325

curve, 112

vertebra?, ossification of, 382 Cochlea, bony, development of, .352 Cochlear duct, formation of, 347

ganglion. 321

nerve, .'154 Coplenteron, 52 Ccplom, 63. (>6, 214" Collateral fissure, 30,3. .308 Collecting tubules of kidney, 237 Coloboma of choroid, 341

of iris, 343 Colon, ascending, formation of, 203

descending, formaticm of, 201, 203

transverse, formation of, 203 Coluinnre carnete, 154 Commissures of brain, development of, 303

of cord, white, 285 Conarium, 298



Conariuiii. modificatious of, 298 Coue-visuul cells, 331 Congcuital iitresia of pupil. 33d <lia])brHKniatic heruia, 177 fecal fistula, 207 hernia, 249 umhilic4il hernia, 205 Colli vasoulosi, formation of, 246 Connective tissues, development of,

124 Constructive stage of menstrual cycle,

39 (.'oi>iila of hyoid hone, 3S9 Conicoid hone, 403

process of scapula, 40,3 Cord, spinal, <levelopment of, 2sl

umhiiical, 102 (^)^ds of cells. 147 Corium, development of. 2()8 Cornea, development of. 340 Cornicular tuberch'S. 2i<) Corona radiata. 2."). 31 Coronarv lipvment. 210 of liver. 221 sinus of heart, 172 valve. Kil Corpora alhicantia. 296 hijreniina. 29.1

cavernosa, formation of, 262 (juadrijjemina. '^9.") Corpu«; callosum, formation of, 309, 311 hemorrhaKicum. 37 luteum of prej^nancv. 37, 38 false, :W

of menstruation, 3S true. .38 spongiosum, formation of, 262 striatum, 303 Corpus.;le of Hassal. 230 Corti. or;ran of, 319 Costal process of vertebra, formation

of. 37«). 3'-2 Ci»tyl»Mlous of placejita. !»9 Coveriiii; l)ones, .3*»r> Cowper. ulaiuls <»f. 2<J3 Cranial capsulf, IJ*^!

nerve-fibers. dev«'lopmcnt of, 320 Cranium, cartilairiuous. 3s(> membranous, .385 ossL'ous. 3*^9 Crescent, atrial. l'>7 <'ricoid cartilai^e. 22»» ( 'rista' Mcusticu'. 350 (rossrd pvramidal tract. mvelinati<ui

of, 115 ('rum cerebri, develoi>ment of, 295 Crusta |)etrosa, 1 11 Cryptorcbism. 219

CrystjiUine lens. cl('veloi)ment of. .336 Cuueitorm tubi'rcle>. 22<» Cu-.]iioiis, endocardial. 15«) Cutis-plat'*. 77. 26S. :ij;.-> Cuvi«'r. duct of. Ml. 17(K 176 Cv-^tic dtirt. develo])ment of, 209 cVt.»bIast. 54

Daughter-cells, 22 Daughter-wreaths, 45 Decidua nienstrualis, 39, 95

of pregnancy, 96

reliexa, 9rocesses, 141

ridge, 1,37

shelf. 137 Den tale, 400 Dentate tissure, 30.3, 307 Dentinal fibers, 141

tubules, 141 IX'ntine, 137 Dermal bones, 385

navel, 82 Descending colon, formation of, 203 Descent of testicles. 218 Destructive stage of menstrual cycle,

39 Deutoplasm of hen's egg, 28

of ovum. 26 Develo])inent during eighth mouth,

during eighth week, 119

during fifth month. 121

during fifth week, 118

during ninth month, 122

during secoiul moiAh, 118

during seventh unrnth, 121

during sixth month, 121

during third month, 120

•luring tiiird week, 117

length of time necessary for, 18

tabulated chnmology of, 409

theories of. 17 Diaphragm. develo]>ment of, 177 Diaphragmatic hernia, congenital, 177

ligament. 248 Dieiicepbalon. 287 Digestive svstem. development of,

1.S5. 411-416 Diiritation of limb-buds, 407 Dipbyodont. 137 Dire<t cerebellar tra<*t. nivelination

of. 411 I)isc«>idal cleavage, partial, 48 Discus proiigerus, 31. 251 Disk, germinative. 28 Distal convoluted tubule of kidney,

210 Divrrticubi of primarv renal pelvis,

237 l)ors;il curve, 112

mesrnter.v. 1{H»

nerve-roots of s])inal ganglia, 318

pjincreas. 211 Double monster, origin of, .58

uterus, 2.53

Duct of Cnvier, 164, ITO, ITS luuouephric. £U of UutuKr. 251

ur Miuicr. 24a. air, 253, se&

i>f Batbkc. 246 <if SaotoriDi, 812 of Wirauug. as proDcphrlc, 233

8i'KllieuUl. 233

tlivrtiKlossal. 145. 227

tlivruld, B2T

vitelline, HO, fC, 1S»

Wuiffiau, 234 Ductus Arunlii. 180

arteriosus, 16H

commuDia chuledochus, formation of, 20!)

vndol Till p till lie us, 347

veiuhiUs. lli:i, l-u Duodi'Dum. furtuution of, 217

Ear. eitemiLl, development of, 355. 358 iiiliTiiiil. Ji'velopnient of, 316 iiiiildl, ilcvelopmonC of. 35G

l;.riin-iiU\ cartiUginomi, 351

Ectudemi, 'fi

Egg. iihiinate origin of, 31 E^Wuiuns. 31. iHQ E«K-^'>v«lapeB, 85 Egg-plasm. 26 EKg-lubi», priniary, 31 EigbCh mouth, ilovelopnicat during. 123.416

pair cranial nervea, developmeat of, 323

week 'development during, llil, 412 Ellaculiitarjr iluct. furmntlan of, 347 Elaatii: tissue, formatian of. ]^ Elevontb paircrnnial ii.TTes. 324 EmbpddiiigofDX'iini. M Embryo, diScreiitiuIion of. ffi>

of elffht and B half weclu, 121

of lin«ctitlj riBT, Its

c.frtli weeks, I'lP

of hirtwnthdnr. lOS

of three weekx. 112

of tirenlv-eight days, 118

sejtnii-iiUlion nf body of, 78

slSKi-of. in. 107 Eiubryolijay de fined, 17 Enibryouiil area, .>8

Embryonic bud. I>4 cn-KCcnl. -")!)

Eutl-kuob i.f lipunUBtozooii, 21. 22 EriducardiaU'nslii..iis lat* Eudoutrdiiim. 1>4 Endochoudral Uiuus, 3»5 Eudolyniph. aoA Cndoskeloton, 3T^ KiLili'ih'liuiii. I'liniintluu of. 66, 126 Eiid-piPd- i,r swrmaf

] I ' . i'.ii.. ; \.:\:r of loammaliau

l>l:if ttnlrtmjo vesicle, QO Ependyma. 310 Epcndymal celU, 392. £83

E|.ihyttl, 402

Epiotic center uf usdtlcation, 392 Epitbeliul lHHlie«. ^9 Epithelium, terminal. '29, 31, 244 Epitriebium, 2U0

Efn^'phoroiuVVl Erythruhlustii. 14^ Erythrocytes, 119 Elhniold bune. iwifiuition of, 305

cribriform plate of. 388 Ethmoidal sinuB. dDvelopmcnt of, 3^1 Euatnchian tube, development of, fJW fominli'iuof, 19-1


Exoccipitals. 300

Eioskclelon, 372

ExBtmphy iif lihiddor, cause of, fi3

Eitcrniil uaditory meatus, formation

of, 31.-),

jimiitiils, ^mu!.^ 250, 266

.uiiic. an. iW

Eyp. devoli.pment of. I'lH. 326 Evclashoi. duvclopment of, 344 Eyvlid, third. 344 Eyelids, development of. 343 primitive, 134

Fack, derclopmcnt of, 117, 130 Fai'ial KHKRllon, 321 Falciform ligament of liver, formation of. 210 lobe, 309. 313 Fnllopian tube«, development of, 253

1. SI I Fall cerebri, 303



Fecal fistula, congenital, 207 Female external genitals, 259, 266

internal genital organs, 249

pronucleus, 34

sexual system, 266 Fertilization, 41

artificial, 44

external, 42

internal, 42 Fetal arterial system, 165

membranes at birth, 104

vascular system, final stage of, 181

venous system, 169 Fetus, length of, at term, 122

stage of, 20, 118

weight of, at term, 122 Fiber-tracts of cord, development of, 285 myelination of. 414, 415 Fibrillee of muscle, formation of, 366 Fibrous tunic of eye, development of,

339 Fifth brain-vesicle, metamorphosis of, 289

month, development during, 121, 414

pair cranial nerves, development of, 323

ventricle. 312

week, development during, 411 Fimbria, 309

Fingers, development of, 407 First pair cmnial nerves, development of, 323

week, development during, 409 Fissure, arcuate, 306, 307

calcarine, 303, 30H

calloso-niarginal, 309

choroid. :W), 307

choroidal, 330

collateral, 303, 308

dentutc. 303, 307

great transverse. 304, 308

hippocampal. 307

of choroid ]>loxus, 3^)7

of Kohmdo. 30,S

of Sylvius, 303, 301

purieto-occii»ital. 308 Fissures, cerebral, development of, ,^02. 303

median, of cord. 285 Fistula, congenital fecal, 207

M Ml hi Heal urinary, 25<j Flexure, cephalic. 112. 288

nuchal, 289

pontal, 2.^9 Floor-i)late, 2.'-l. 282 Fold, ])h'uropericardial, 176 Folds, medullary. 72 Folliflo. (Jraafian. 2J»

of tooth, 1 11 ForauHMi cR'cuni. 115, 227

eomnunu' anterius. 30()

of Monro. 301. 3<M)

of V/inslow, 221

Foramen ovale, 157

thyroideum, 226 Fore-brain, 286, 302

secondary, 287

vesicle, 73

metamorphosis of, 302 Foregut, 81 Formative yolk, 26 . Fornix, formation of, 309, 310 Fossa of Svlvius, 304

oral, 192

ovalis, 158 Fourth month, development during, 120, 414

pair cranial nerves, development of, 323

ventricle, 291 development of, 290, 294

w^eek, development during, 410 Fretum Halleri. 156 Frontal bone, ossification of, 396

lobe, 306

sinuses, development of, 361 Funiculus solitarius, 290 Furcula, 225

Gall-bladder, development of, 209 Ganglia, cephalic, 320

spinal, 317 Gangliated cord of the sympathetic,

325 Ganglion, acoustic. 321 acusticofacial, .'^21 cephalic, fourth, 321

third, 321 ciliary. 320 cochlear. 321 facial. 321 Gasserian, 320 intercarotid, 325 Luschka's. 325 ophthalmic, 320 s]>irale, 350 trigeminal, 321 vestibular, 351 Ganglion -cell laver, development of,

333 Gartner, duct of, 254 Gasserian ganglion, 320 Gastrjil mesoderm, 63 Gastrohepatie omentum, 209, 220

formation of, 205 Gastrosplenic omentum, 214 (rastrula, 52

stage, 52 Generative organs, external, development of. 258 internal, development of, 243 Genital cord. 243 eminence. 259 in male, 261 folds. 259

in female. 259 in male. 262 gland, indifierent, 265



Genital groove, 258

ridge, 243, 258 in female, 259

ridges, 31 Genito-urinary system, development

of, 232, 409-416 Germ-cells, 224 Grcrm-disk, 27 Germ-layers, 52

derivatives of, 67 Germinal epithelium, 29, 31, 244

sj)ot, 25, 27

vesicle, 25, 27 Grerraiuative disk, 28 Giral<les, organ of. 247 Glands of alimentary tract, formation of, 206

of Bartholin, 261

of Brunner, development of, 206

of Cowper, development of, 263

of intestine, development of, 206

of Lieberkiibn, development of, 206

of Moll, 273

of stomach, development of, 206 Glandular area, 275

hy]K>spudias, 262 Glaus clitoridis. formation of. 259

penis, formation of, 259, 262 Glasorian fissure, 393, 399 Globular processes, 118, 132, 360 Glomerulus of kidney, 233, 238, 240 Glomus caroticus, 325 Goll, tract of, myelinatiou of, 414 Graafian follicle, 29 development of, 251 formation of new, 252 Gray matter of bniin, formation of, 303 of medulla, development of, 224 Great omentum, formation of, 204,

220 Groove, dental. 140

lacrimal, 119, 132

medullary, 71

naso-optic, 345

primitive, 60

pulmonary, 22.S

transverse, crescentic, 398 Gubernaculum testis, 248 Gum, development of, 136 Gut, postanal, 196 Gut-tract, 80. HI. 186, 188 Gyrus fornicatus, 315

uncinatus, 315

Hair, development of, 271 Hair-bulb. 271

development of, 272 Hair-follicle, 271.

development of. 272, 273 Hair-germs. 272

Hard palate, development of, 397 Hare-lip, 134, 397 Hassal, corpuscles of, 230

Head, muscles of, development of, 367

of epididymis, 246

of spermatozoon, 20, 22 Head-fold, 80

of amnion, 80, 83 Head -gut, 188 Head-kidney, 232 Head-process of primitive streak. 62,

70 Head-segments, 364 Head-skeleton, development of, 384 Heart, development of, 152

lymph-, 128 posterior, 128

metamorphosis of single into double, 156

valves, development of, 161 Helix, formation of, 358 Hemal arch, formation of, 376 Henle's loop, 240 Hen's egg, description of, 27 Hensen's node, 62 Hepatic cylinders, 209

vein, development of, 181 Hermaphroditism, 263, 2()7 Hernia, congenital, 249

umbilical, 205 Highmore, antrum of, development

of, 361 Hilum folliculi, 31 Hind-brain. 28(J. 292

secondary, 287

vesicle, 73, 292 Hindgut. 81, 1H8 HipiKicanipal fissure, 307 Hippocampus migor, 307

minor. 308 His, canal of. 145, 227 Holoblastic ova, 47 Homogeneous twins, origin of, 59 Homologies of the sexual system, 263 Hyaloid arterj*, formation of, 339

canal, 339

membrane, formation of, 339 Hydatid of Morgagni, 247

8i»s8ile, 247

stalked, 247

unstalked, 247 Hydramnios, 86 Hymen, formation of, 261 Hyoglossus. origin of. 370 Hyoid arch, anterior, 389 l)osterior, 3'^9

arches. 115

bar. 3H9

bono, development of. 389, 401 Hyoidean apparatus, 401 Hyonmndibular cleft, 115 Hypobhist. 5'^ Hypochordal brace, 376 Hypophysis, ,'^(X>

formation of. I'i5 Hypospailias, 262

glandular, 262



Iliac segment of pelvic girdle, 404 vein, left cuiumun, development of,

I m perforata anus, 197 luipresisious, maternal, 120 Ini'us, development of, 388, 399 Indifferent genital gland, 265

si'xual gland, 244 Inferior medullary velum, 292

peduncles of brain, 290 Infundibula of lungs, development of,

225 Infundibulum of brain. 2i>6, 300 Inguinal ligament, 248

in female, 254 Inner cell-mass, 50 Innominate artery, development of,

liu Inter-brain, 287, 296

vesicle, metamorphosis of, 296 Intercarotid ganglion, 325 Intermaxillary bones, formation of,

l.iei, 397 Intermedial cell-mass, 77, 232, 365 Internal ear, development of, 346

fertilization, 42

lateral ligament of lower jaw, 400

limiting membrane of spinal cord, 3v'^3 Interpallial fissure, 302 Interrenal organ, 242 Intervertebral disks, 377, 379

ligament, development of, 377, 379 Intervillous spaces. 97, 102 Inte.stinal canal, formation of, 79

glands, development of, 20*>

mesentery, 216

mucosa, formation of. 189

villi, formation of, 206

]>ortals, 81. 186 Intestine, small, development of, 202,

205 Intestino-bodv cavitv, 52 Intumescentia ganglioformis. 351 Involuntarv muscle, development of,

371 Iris, coloboma of. 343

development of, 341 Ischiatic rod. 404 Island of Keil, :J05

.Tacobson's organ, development of.

3()1 Jaw. upper, development of, 134 Jaw-arch. 115 .lellv of Wharton, 103 Joint-cavities, development of, 128 Jugular vein, primitive. 1({4, 169 transverse. 172

Kidney, development of, 232

Labia majora, 260

minora, formation of, 259 Labyrinth, bony, development of, 351

Labyrinth, membranous, development of, 346 Lacrimal bones, ossification of, 396

canal iculi, 345

caruncle, 344

duct, development of, 344

gland, development of, 344

groove, 119, l.'i2

sac, development of, 345 Lamina cinerea, 296, 299

quadrigemina. 295

spinilis, bony, development of, 354

terminal is, 309 Langhans' laver, 97 , lanugo, 121, 273 I I^iryux, development of, 225 I Uitebra, 29 Lateral cartilage of nose, 395

folds of amnion, 80

frontal processes, 118, 132, 134 in formation of nose, 146

ligaments of liver, 210

nasal process, 344, 360

plate of mesoderm, 65

plate of somite, 63

ventricle, development of, 303 length of fetus at term, 122 Lens, crystalline, development of,

336 Lens-area, 328

Lens-capsule, development of, 337 Lens-pit, 336

Lens- vesicle, 110, 134, 328, 336 Lenticular zone of optic cup, 333 Lesser omentum. 220 formation of, 205 Leukocytes, 149 Levator palati, origin of, 370 Lids, union of edges of, 343 LieberkiJhn, glands of, 206 Ligament of ovary, 255 Ligamenta intermuscularia, 365, 375

subflava, 379 Ligaments of liver, formation of, 209 Ligamcntum venosum Arantii, 184 Liguhr. 2\yZ Limb-buds, 119. 406 Limbic lobe, 309, 313 Limb-muscles, development of. 370 Limbs, bones of. development of, 405

development of, 406, 409-416

position of, 407 Limiting membrane, intier, formation of, 3:ji outer, formation of, 331 Lin in, 27 Lip ridge. 135

upper, development of, 136 Liquor amnii, 85. 86 function of. 86

n.lliculi, 31. 251

of Morgagni. 337 Liver, development of, 207

first rudiment of, 198

ligaments of, formation of, 209



Liver-ridge, 175, 208 Iiobes of liver, 208 Lobule of ear, development of, 358 Longitudiual liber-tracts of medulla, 2«0

fissure of brain, 302 Loop of Henle, 240 Lower jaw, ossification of, 398 Lumbar rib, .'i83

vertebne, ossification of, 381 Lungs, development of, 223 Luschka's ganglion, 325 Lymph, formation of, 126 Lymph-clefts, development of, 128 Lymph-hearts, 128

posterior, 128 Lymph-sacs, development of, 127 Lymph-spaces, development of, 127 Lymphatic system, development of, 127

vessels, development of, 128 Lymphoid follicles of tonsil, 195

tissue, development of, 1'^

Macula lutea, formation of, 333 Maculse acustictc. development of, 350 Malar bone, ossification of, 396 Male external genitals, 261, 267

internal genital organs, 245

pronucleus, 42

sexual system, 245, 266 Malleus, development of, 388, 399 Malpighian corpuscle, development of, 213, 238 primitive, 236 Mammalia deciduata, 99

indeciduata, 99 Mammals, blastula of, 49 Mammary gland, development of, 274 Mandible, ossification of, 398 Mandibular arch, 115, 135, 386 Mantle layer, 284 Marginal sinus, 102

velum of spinal cord, 283, 284

zone of optic cup, 334 Marshall, vestigial fold of, 172 Maternal impressions, 120 Maturation of ovum. 32 Maxilla, superior, ossification of, 397 Maxillary arch, 115

process, 135, 386 Meatus, external auditory, 357

urinarius, male, 262 Meckel's cartilage, 115, 388, 398

diverticulum, formation of, 207 Meconium, 122 Median fissures of cord, 285

lobe of cerebellum, 292 Medulla oblongata, development of,

289 Medullarv canal, 70

cords, 246. 252

folds, 72. 279

farrow, 71

groove, 71

Medullary plate, 70, 279 tube, 279

velum, anterior, 294 inferior, 292, 294 Meibomian glands, development of,

344 Membrana adamantiua, 139 basilaris of cochlea, formation of,

eboris, 141

granulosa, 31 formation of, 251

prseformativa, 141 Membrane, anal, 193

closing, 113, 117, 194

nuclear, 27

of Xasmyth, 140

of Reissner, 355

pharyngeal, 117, 131, 188, 192

vitelline, 25, 26

tympanic, 194, 357 Membranes, caducous, 95

deciduous, 95 Membranous bones, 385

cranium, 385

labyrinth, development of, 346

ribs, 382

stage of skeleton, 373 of trunk, 374 Menopause, 38 Menstrual cycle, 39 Menstruation, 38

relation of, to ovulation and conception, 40 Meroblastif ova, 48 Mesencephalon, 286, 294 Mesenchymal cells, 66

muscle, 371 Mesenchyme, 66 Mesenteric artery, superior, 152

vein, superior, 181 Mesenteries, 190 Mesentery, intestinal, 216

ventnil, 204 development of, 220 Mesoblast, 62

Mesoblastic somites, 65, 75 Mesooardium anterius, 153, 174

posterius, 153, 174 Mesocolon, ascending, production of, 203

formation of, 203 Mesonephrogenic tissue, 239 Metanephrogenic tissue, 239 Mesoderm, 62

derivatives of, 68

gastral, 63

paraxial, 65

peristomal. 63

somatic, 66

splanchnic, 66

structures developed from, 12Aet8eq. Mesodermal vitreous, 338 Mesogastrium, 204, 216 Mesonephric duct, 235



Mesonephros, 234, 264 Mesorchiuu, 24b, 255 Mcsothelium, (Hi, 126 McHovarium, 24>::^

Metacar|>al l>oneg, development, 405 MetamorphoHiH of single into double

heart, l.VJ MctanephroH, 237, 265 Metatarsal boneif, development, 405 Meteiiceplialon, 287, 292 Me topic suture, 396 Metopism, 396 Micropyle. 25, 42 Mid-brain, 2»6, 294

prominence of, 288

vesicle, 73. 294 Mid-gut, las Middle ear, development of, 194, 355

piece of Kpermatozoon, 20, 22

plate. 77, 232, 3<I5

sacral artery, development of, 166

tunic of eye, development of, 339 Milk-lines. 275 Mi Ik -ridges, 275

Mo<liolus of cochlea, development, 354 Moll, glands of. 273 Monorchism, 249 Monro, foramen of, .'$01, 306 Mons v<?neris, formation of, 259 Morgagni, hvdatid of, 247

liquor of, 337 Morula, 45 Mother-cells, 22

Motor nerve-fibers, development, 319 Mouth, development of, 134, 192 Mucous tissue, formation of, 125 Mulberry -mass, 45 Miiller, duct of, 243, 247, 253, 265 Miillcr's lib«;rs, :W1 Muscle, involuntary, development, 371

Vdluntary, development of, 363 Muscle-plate, 78, .365

metamorphosis of, .366 Muscles, bnmchial, development of, .3()9

of extremities, development of, 370

of trunk, development of, .363 Muscular coat of inti'stines, formation of, 205

system, development of, 363, 409416 Musculi papillares. 163

pectinati. 154 Myeleiucphalon. 287. 289 Myelin. <leposit of. 319 Mv<K-(el, .365 Myotonu", 77, 365

N'ml-rki). 271 Nail-phite. 270 Nails, development of, 270

of toes, 271 Nail-welt. 271 Nares, anterior, formation of, 146

develo])ment of, 3<)0

Nasal areas, 145, 359 bones, ossification of, 396 capsule, 388

cavities, development of, 361 pits, 118, 132, 145,360 process, 132. 360 lateral, 344, 360 Nasmych, membrane of, 140 Nasofrontal process, 115, 118, 132, 134, 360, 386 in development of nose, 145 Naso-optic furrow, 132, 134 in formation of nose, 146 groove, 345 Nephridial funnels, 233 Nephrogenic tissue, 236 Nephrostomata, 2«33 Nephrotome. 77, 234, 264, 365 Nerve-cells, formation of, 2c»2

of cord, formation of, 284 Nerve-corpuscles of neurilemma, 319 Nerve-fiber, envelopes of, formation of, 319 layer, development of, 333 Nerve-fil>ers, cranial, development of, 320 motor, development of, 319 sensory, development of, 317 Nerve-trunk, spinal, development of,

319 Nervous system, development of, 278, 409-416 peripheral, development of, 316 sympathetic, development of, 324 Neural canal, 70, 279, 281 crest, si'gmentation of, 318 crests, 318 process of vertebra, formation of,

376 tube, 279 Neurenteric canal, 74, 281 Neurilemma, formation of, 319 Neurit, 278, 284 Neuroblasts, 282, 284 Neuro-epithelium of retina, development of. .3.33 Neuroglia. 2S2.283

layer, 284 Neurons. 278

Nictitating membrane. 344 Ninth month, development during, 122. 416 pair cranial nerves, development of,

.324 week, development during, 413 Nipple, development of, 276 Node. Hensen's. (>2 Normoblasts. 149 Nose, development of. 145, 358 Nott>chord. 73

Notochordal stage of skeleton, 373 Nuchal flexure, 2S9 Nuck. canal of. 255 Nuclear.juice. 27 layer of retina, outer, 332



Nuclear membrane, 27

ttpiiidle, 45 Nucleus amygdalae, 303

cleavage-, 43

of uvuiii, 27

scgmeutation-, 43 Nutritive yolk, 26 Nymphffi, formation of, 259

Obex, 292

Occipital bone, ossification of, 390

lobe. 30<) Odontoblasts, 141 Odontoid process, development of,

3m Olfactory bulb, 314

epithelium, 359, 362

lobe, 314

nerve-fibers, 362

plates, 132, 145, 358

tract, 314 Omental bursa, 204, 218 Omentum, gastrohepatic, 209, 220 formation of, 205

gastrospleuic. 214

great, formation of, 204, 220

lesser, 220 formation of, 205

phrenicosplenic, 214 Omphalomesenteric veins, 151 Ontogeny, 17 Oocytes, 32 Oogenesis, 29 Oogouia. 32

Ophthalmic ganglion, 320 Opisthotic center of ossification, 392 Optic cup, 328

secondary, 330

lobes, formation of, 295

nerve, development of, 335

thalami, 29fj

vesicle, 287. 327 Ora serrata. 'Xil Oral cavity, development of, 192

f ( JSSft 1 ' f"^

pit. lOH. 117, 131. 135, 192

plate, l.SO, 134, 192 Orbitonasal center, 397 Orbitosphenoids, 394 Organ of Corti. 349

of Giraldts, 247

of .Tacobson, development of, 361

of Kosenniuller, 254 Ors^ans of Ziirkerkandl. 325 OsstMMis cnmiuni, 3H9

stag«» of trunk skeleton. 379

tissue, formation of, 126 r)ssirlcs of ear. d(*velopment of, 356 Ossification of ribs, 383

of skull. :}H9

of st<Tnuni. '.V<\

of vcrtcbne.'JrsO Ostium int(?rv«'ntrieulare, 158 Otir v<'sirlc. 109, :i46 Otocyst, 34()

Outer cell-mass, 50 Ova, alecithal, 26

centrolecithal, 27

classification of, 26

formation of, 29

holoblastic, 47

meroblastic, 48

primitive, 31, 245, 250

telolecithal, 26 Ovaries, change of position of, 254 Ovary, development of, 249 Oviducts, development of, 253 Ovists, 18 Ovulation, 36

relation of, to menstruation, 40 Ovum, 24, 251

embedding of, 95, 96

maturation of, 32

rii)ening of, 32

segmentation of, 45

stage of. 19, 106

Palate bone, ossification of, 396

formation of. 136

process, development of, 397 Palate-shelves, 3<)0 Palatoglossus, origin of, 370 Palatopharyngeus. origiu of, 370 Palpebral fasciae, 344

fissure, 343 Pancreas, development of, 211

dorsal, 211

first rudiment of, 199

ventral, 211 Pancreatic duct, development of, 211 Pander's nucleus, 28 Panniculus adiposus, 269 Papilla? of tongue, formation of, 145 Parablast, (Hi

Paraehoi-dal cartilages. 387 Paratlidymis, 247 Parathyroid bcnlies. 229 Paraxial nies<Mlerm. 65 Parietal bones, ossification of, 396

elevation, 288

eye, 299

fomnien, 2JW

layer of pleura. 177

lobe, 3(KJ

zone. 76 Parieto-oocipkal fissure, 308 Pan»oj)horon. 254 Parovariunj. 254 Pars ciliaris retime. 334

i n te rm ed i a 1 i s, 259

iridiea retina?. 334

menibranacea septi, 159

optica retinje. 333 Parthenogenetic <'ggs. 34 Patuh)us foramen ovale, 157 Pectoral girdle, development of, 403 Pelvic girdle. 404 Pelvis of kidney, primary, 237 Penis, development of, 259 Perforated lamina, anterior, 315



Perforated space, posterior, 295 Pericar<lial aivity, 175 Pericardium, development of, 174 Perilymph, 352, 355 Perilymphatic space, 352 Perineal bwly, 197 Perineum, formation of, 197 Perionyx, 271 Periotic bone, 392 Perijiheral cleavage, 48

nervous system, 316 Peristomal mesoderm, 63 Peritoneal cavity, 215 Peritoneum, development of, 214

visceral layer of, 189 Perivitelline space, 25 Permanent kidney, 237

teeth, development of, 141 eruption of, 143 Petromastoid bone, 392 Petrotympanic fissure, 399 Pfliiger's egg-tubes, 250 Phteochrome bodies, 242

cells, 242 Phalanges, development of, 405 Pharyngeal bursa, 136

constrictors, origin of, 370

membrane, 117, 131, 188, 192 in formation of mouth, 135

pouches, 113, 188, 193 Pharynx, 193

Phrenicosplenic omentum, 214 Phylogeny, 17 Pial processes, 283 Piiimcnt-lavcr of retina, 331 Pillars of Uskow, 177 Pineal body. 296

or gland, 2f)7, 298

eye, 299 Pit, auditory, 316

oral, 1 OS 117 Pits, nasi I, 360 Pituitary body, 300

formation of, 135 Placenta, 98

at term, 101

discoidoa, 99

pnevia. 102

zonaria, 99 Placental sinuses, 100

spaces. 102

system of blood-vessels, 164 PlaVentoblast. 51 Plaues of cleavage, 46 Plantar born, 270 Plasiuodobljist, 54 Plate, chordal. 71

medullary. 70

vertebral, 65 Pleura, parietal layer of, 177

visceral layer of, 177 Pleune. develoi)ment of, 174, 175. 226 Pleural sjics, formation of, 174, 175 P]euroi)eri('ardial fold, 176 Pleuroperitoneal cavity, 66, 215

Plica semilunaris, 344 Pocket of Rathke, 301 Polar bodies, 33, 34

striation, 45 Polarity of egg, 27 Pole-corpuscles, 3ii Polyphyo<lont, 137 Polyspermia, 42 Pontal flexure, 289 Pons, formation of, 292 Portal circulation, 170, 177

vein, development of, 181

venous system, 170, 177 Postanal gut, 196 Postbranchial bodies, 229 Posterior chamber of eye, 342, 343

nare«, development of, 360 Post-limbic sulcus, 309 Postsphenoid, 393 Preformation theory, 18 Prehepaticus, 175, 208 Prehyoid gland, 227 Premaxilla, 397 Prepuce, formation of, 262 Prespbenoid, 394

Primary collecting tubules of kidney^ 239

egg- tubes. 31

renal pelvis, 237 Primitive aorta, 151, 165

chorion, 92

disk, 377, 399

enamel -germ, 138

eyelids, 134

groove, 60

heart- valves. 161

jugular veins, 161, 169

Malpighian corpuscle, 236

nails, 270

ova. 31, 2-15, 250

segment i)late, 65

segments. 65. 75

sexual e«dls, 245

streak. 59

vertebral bow, 376

vitreous. 33S Primordial bones, ,*^5 Proamnion. i\\ Process, latenil frontal, 118, 132, 134

nasal. 132, 3()0

nasofrontal. 115, 118, 132, 134, 360 in formation (jf nose, 145 Processes, dental, 141

globular. 118, 132, 360 nasal, 360

maxillary, 135

of vertebra, development of, 376 Processus vnginalis, 249 Proeborion, 50, 92 Proctodeum. 196 Pronei)bric duet, 233 Pronephros, 232. 264 Pronucleus, female, 34

male, 42 Pro-otic center of ossification, 392^



Prosoncephalon, 28(5 Prostate kI&"^* formation of, 257 Prostatic urethra, formatiou of, 257 Protoplasmic processes, 264 Prottivertebru, 6.3

Proximal convoluted tubule of kidney, 240 Pterygoid plate, internal, development of, 394 Pubic rod, 404

Pulmonary alveoli, development, 225 artery, development of, 159, \G6 diverticulum, 223 grtK>ve, 223 Pulp of spleen, development of, 213

of teeth, 137 Pupil, :VM) congenital atresia of, 333 development of. ;W2 Pvnimiilul process of thyroid gland, 22H tracts, anterior develojmient of, 290 crossed, of cord, mvelination of, 415

Ramus communicans. 325 Riithke's piK-ket, 13<>, 193, 301 Kiiuber's layer, 50 Ki'ceptaciilu chyli. 12S Keceptive i)rominence, 42 Kecessus labyrinthi, kWI

vestibuli. .'M7 Kectuui, 197

Ri'current laryngeal nerves, 1(38 Ke<luctiou of chromosomes, 23 Reduction-division, 23 Reichert's cartilage, 115, 389, 401 Reil, island of, 305 Reissner, membrane of, 355 Renal vein, left, 173

vesicles, 210 RepHMliiction, theories of, 17 Re>pinitorv svstem. development of,

222,'40i>-41() Restiform bodies, develoimieut of, 290 Rete mucosum. 270

testis, formation of. 21() Retina, development of, \^Z6 Rhinencephalon, 314 Rhombencephalon, 2H() Rhomboidal fossji, 2i)l i:ib, cervical, :W0. 3^3

lumbar, 38.3

thirteenth, 383 Rib-j, development of, 382 Ri«lne, genital, 213

terminal, 58 Ring lobf, formation of, 304 Ri|M'Mlug of ovum. 32 Roil-and-cone laver, formation of, 332 Rod-visual cells,\'{;n R(»lando, fissure of. 30^ R(M)f-plate, 2'^1, 2>^2 Rotation of stomsu'h, 203, 217 Round ligament of liver, Irtl

Round ligament of liver, formation of, 210 of uterus, 248, 255

Saccule, development of, 349 Saccus endoh'mphaticus, 347 Sacral vertebrse, ossitication of, 381 Sacrum, formation of, 381 Salivary glands, development of, 143 Santorini, duct of. 212 Sauropsida, blastula of. 51 Scala media of cochlea, development of, 347

tympani, development of, 355

vestibuli. development of, 355 Scapula, development of, 403 Schwann, white substance of, 319

deposit of, upon libers of tract of conl, 411, 415 Si'lerotome, 77, 365, 375 Scrotum, development <tf, 263 Selniceous glands, development of, 274 Second month, development in. lis

IMiir cranial nerves, development of, 323

week, development during, 40i) Secondary hair, 273

optic cup, ;J30 Secreting tubules of kidney, 237, 239 Segmental duct, 233 Segmentation of body of embryo. 78

of ovum, 45 S(;gmen tat ion -cavity, 50 Segmentation-nucleus, 43 Semicircular canals, bony, 351

<levelopment of. ,'i4.S SiMuilunar valves, development of. KC Sc>minal ampulhe, 21<)

vesicle, format i(m of. 247 Seminiferous tubules, formation, 246 Sense (ngans, development of, 32t),

409-416 Sensory epithelium of retina, 331

nerve-libers, development of, .317. 31s Septa placenta*. 102 Si'ptal cartilage of nose. 395 Septum, aortic, 159

auricular. 157

intermedium. 1.56

luciduni. fornuition of. 312

primum. 157

secundum, 157

spurlum, 1.59

transvcrsum. 164, 175 SeroMi. si

Si'rous membranes, development, 126 Sertoli's columns. 21. 246 Sessile hydatl«l. 217 Seventh month, development during. 121, 415

pair cranial nerves, development of, 32,3

week, development during, 412 Si^xual cells. 31



Sexual cells, primitive, 245

cords, 31, 245 female, 250

gland, inditl'erent, 244

system, female. 24f», 2t>6 homologies of, 2t).'i inditferent type, 243 male, 245, 2m SJiell of lien's egg. 29 She 11 -membrane, 21) Shoulder girdle, development of, 403 Sinus, annular, 179

pcK'ularis, 247, 257

pneeervic^ lis, 110

reuuiens, 159

terminal is, 150

urogenital, UK), 256

venosus, 159, 169 Sixth month, development during, 121, 415

pair cranial nerves, develo])mentof, 32.3

week, development during, 119. 411 Skelelogenous sheath of chorda dorsal is, 375

tissues, 77 Skeleton, appendicular, 373

development of, 402, 409-416

axial. 373

development of, .372

of head, development of. 384

of trunk, cartilaginous stage, 377 chonlal stage of. 373 development <»f. 373 membranous stage of, 374

visceral. 3>4 Skin, ajipeiulujjes of, 270

development of. 2(»S. 409-116 Small intestine. develo]unent of, 205 Snu'gnia enibryonum. 270 Somatic mesmlcrni. 6(5 Somatopleure, 6»l, 1>6 Sornitrs. 6.3, 75

mesoblastic, 65. 75 Space, peri vitelline. 25 Spaces, intervillous. 97. 102 Spermatie cord, 249

veins. 173 Spermatids. 22 Spermatoblasts. 2*? Sperniatogenesi>. 'Jl Spermatoyenic eell>. 21 SpiTUiatocytes. primary, 22

S4'0niid:irv. 22 SjM'rmato<;(»Tiia. 22 Spernialozoon. tjo

power of loeoiMotion of. 21

vitJility of. -Jl Splu'uoid b«t!ie. os>iri(at ion <»f. 39."» S]>heTioi«lal sinus, development of. ."',61 Spinal eonl. <lev<]«ipmeiil of. •^•'1 Spinous p^oee«^> of vertebra, develop nn'Tit of. .'Jsn Splaiiebuie nn>.od<'rni, 66 Splanebnopleure. i\i\, INJ

Spleen, development of, 212 Spongioblasts, 282, 283 Spot, germinal, 27 Sprouts, vessel, 150 Squamozygomatic bone, 391 Stage of embryo, 19, 107

of fetus, 20, 118

of ovum, 19, 106

of quiescence of menstrual cycle, 40

of rei>air of menstrual cycle. 40 Stalked hydatid, 247 Stapes, development of, 389 Stem-zone, 75 Sternum, cleft, 383

development of, 383 Stigma. 31

Stilling, canal of, 3:i9 Stomach, development of, 203

first rudiment of, 198

glands of, development of, 206

rotation of, 203, 217 StomodsBum, 131, 192 Straight collecting tubules of kidney,

239 Stratum Malpighii, 270 Streak, j)rimitive, 59 Striated muscles, development of, 303 Stroma-laver of choroid, development

of, 340 Styloglossus, origin of, 370 Stylohyal, 402

cartilage, 393 Stylohyoid ligament, 389 Styloid process of hyoid. 389

temponil, development of, 393 Stylopharyngeus, origin of, 370 Subclavian arterv, left, development of, 1(38 right, development of, 167 Submucosaof intestines, formation of,

205 Substance-islands, 147 Subzonal layer of mammalian blasto <lerniic vesicle, 50 Sulcus interventricularis, 1.58

of corpus callosum. ;i07

terniinalis, 160 Suju'rior maxilla, ossification of, 397 Suprahyoid gland, 227 Supra-<M'(*ipital bone, 390 Su]M"aperi('ardial bmlies, 228 Suprarenal bo<lies, development of,

241. 265 Suspensorv ligament of liver, fonna tioil of. 210 Sustentacular cells of seminiferous

tubule. 21 Suture, amniotie, KJ Sweat-glands, development of, 273 Sylvius. a<iueduet of, 2fW>

' ti-sure of. ;}n:;, :ioj

l'oss;» <)f. 1504 Syujpathetie nervous sy.stem, 324 Syncytium. 93, 97 Synovial sacs>. dev<'lopment of, 126




Tail of spermatozoon, 20, 22

Tail-fold, «0

Tarsal ligameuts, 344

plates, 344 Tarsus, development of bones of, 405 Teeth, development of, 137

permanent, development of, 141 eruption of, 143

temporary, development of, 137 eruption of, 142 Tela choroidea, 297 Telencephalon. 287, 302 Telolecithal ova, 26 Temporal bone, ossification of, 390

lobe, formation of, 304 Temporary teeth, development of, 137

eruption of, 142 Temporomaxillary articulation, 400 Tendon, development of, 125 Tendon-sheaths, development of, 128 Tenth pair cranial nerves, development of, 324 Terminal filament of spermatozoon, 20,21

ridge, 58 Testicle, development of, 245

descent of, 248 Thalamencephalon, 287, 296 Thebesius, valve of, 161 Theca foUiculi, 29 Thecal sacs, development of, 126 Theory of evolution, 17

of unfolding, 17 Third eyelid, 344

month, development in, 120, 413

pair cranial nerves, development of, 32:i

ventricle, formation of, 296

week, development during, 410 Thirteenth rib, 383 Thoracic prolongations of abdominal

cavity, 175 Throat-pockets, 113, 188, 193 Thymus body, 194, 230 Thyroglossal duct, 145, 227 Thyroid body, accessory, 227 development of, 194, 226

cartilage, 226

duct. 227

foramen, 404 Thyroids, lateral. 226. 228 Tissue fungus, 97 Toes, development of, 407 Tongue, development of, 143, 194 Tonsil, development of, 194 Tonsillar pit, 195 Trabecula; cranii, ;J87 Trachea, develoiuuent of, 225 Tragus, formation of, 358 Transverse colon, formation of, 203

crescentic groove, 80

fissure of brain. 2})H

processes of vertebne, 380 Trigeminal ganglion, 320 Trophoblast, 92

True chorion, 92

Truncus arteriosus, 113, 151, 154, 165 Trunk, skeleton of, development of^ 373 osseous stage of, 379 Trunk-muscles, development of, 363 Trunk -segments, 364 Tuber cinereum, 296, 300 Tubercles, corn icular, 226

cuneiform, 226 Tuberculum impar, 144, 194 Tubotympanic sulcus, 356 Tunica albuginea of ovary, 250 of testicle, 246 fibrosa, 30 propria, 30 vaginalis testis, 249 vasculosa, 29 lentis, 31^7 Turbinal folds. 361 Turbinate bone, inferior, ossification

of, 395 Turbinated bones, development of,

361 Twelfth pair cranial nerves, development of, 324 Twins, origin of, 59 Tympanic cavity, formation of, 194 membrane, 194

development of. 357 portion of temporal bone, development of, 393 Tympanohyal, 402

cartilage, 393 Tympanum, development of, 356

Umbilical aperture, 87, 186

arteries, 103. 165

cord, 102

hernia, congenital. 206

urinary fistula, 256

vein, 103.165, 169

vesicle, 80, 87, 186 function of, 89 human, 89

vessels, 103 Uncinate gyrus, 315 Unstriated muscle, development, 371 Urachus. 91, 256 Ureter. 237

development of, 232 Urethra, female. 257

male, formation of. 262

prostatic, formation of. 257 Urinary fistula, umbilical, 256 Urogenital aperture, 257

sinus, 190,196,256 Uskow, pillars of, 177 ,

Uterus bicomis, 2.53

development of. 253

double. 25.3

masculinus, 247. 257 Utricle, development of, 349 Uveal tract, development of, 340 Uvula, formation of, 137



Vagina, development of, 253

median septum iu, :i^ri Valve, coronary, IGl

Eustachian, 160

ofThebesius, 161

of V'ieussens, 294 Valves, atrioventricular, 156

auriculoventricular, 162

of heart, development of, 161

semilunar, development of, 163 Van Beneden's embryonic bud, 54 Vas aberrans, 247

deferens, formation of, 246 Vasa eflerentia, 246

recta, formation of, 246 Vascular area, 88

system, development of, 147, 409-416 fetal, final stage of, 182

tunic of eye, development of, 339 Vegetative pole, 27 Vein, <'ardinal, 164

hepatic, 181

iliac, leftc(mimon. development, 172

portal, development of, 181

renal, left, 173

superior mesenteric, 181

umbili(tal, 103 Veins, allantoic, 90, 164

cardinal, 164 anterior, 169 pdsterior, 1(>9

omphalomesenteric, 151

primitive ju^iular, 169

spermatic. 173

umbilical, 165, 169

vitelline, 151, 169 Velum interposi turn, 296. 297 Vena azygos major, 173 minor. 174

cava, inferior, 171. 174 superior, 170 Veiue hepaticie advehentes, 179

reveheiites. 179 Venous segmeut of heart, 156

system of fetus, 1()9 ])ort:il, 170 V'^iitral nu'Sfiitery. 190. 204 developuient of, 220

pancreas, 211 Ventricles, separation of, 158 Vermiform appendix. dcvelopment,203

process of cerebellum. 292 Virnix caseosa. 87, 121, 270 Vertfbni'. ossification of, 3^0 Vertebral bow, primitive, 376

column, <levelopment of. 373-3S2 meuibranous primordial. 375

])lati'. 65

region of primitive skull, 3'^7 Vesicle, blastodcrmii'. stage of, 49 tWi)-layered stage of, 52

germinal. 25, 27

lens-, 110

otic, 1(K», 34(5

umbilical, 80, 87, 18<)

Vesicles, cerebral, 287, 288 Vessel sprouts, 150 Vestibular ganglion, 351

nerve. 321 Vestibule of ear, development of, 352

of vagina, 259

of vulva, 257 Vestigial fold of Marshall, 172 Vieussens, valve of, 294 Villi of chorion. 93

of intestine, formation of, 206 Visceral arch, first, function of, 115, 131

arches, 112

metamorphosis of, 115 moqdiological significance of, 113

clefts, 112

layer of peritoneum, 189 of i)leum, 177

skeleton. 384 Vis«'eral-arch vessels, 113, 151. 165 Vitelline arteries, 151

artery, right, 152

circulation, formation of, 147

duct, 80, 87, 186

membrane, 25, 26

veins, 151, 169 Vitellus, 25, 26 Vitreous body, development of, 338

mesodermal, 338

primitive, 3,'i8 Voluntary' muscles, development, 363 Vomer, ossification of, 396

Weight of fetus at different stages, 412-416 at term. 122 Wharton, jelly of, 103 White commissures of cord, 285 tibrous tissue, formation of, 125 matter of brain, formation of. 30.3

of ct»rd. development of, 285 of hen's egg. 29

substance of Schwann, development of, 31 J». .|(»9. 41 Winslow. fonimen ol. 221 Wirsung, duct of. 212 Witches' milk. 276 WoltUan blastema, 236 body, 2:M duct. 235

in female. 253 ridge. 232. 234 Wolff's doctrine of epigenesis, 18 Wreath, 45

VoLK of ovum. 25 Yt»lk-sac, M), v87, 186

ZiNX, zcmule of, 3:58 Zona pellucida, 25. 31

r.idiata, 31 Zone, parirtal. 7(>

stem-, 76 Zonule of Zinn. .338 Zuckerkandl. organs of, 325



Practice, Pharmacy, Materia Medica, Therapeutics, Pharmacology, and the Allied Sciences




SAUNDERS- SUCCESSFUL PUBLISHING AS is well-known, the lists of most publishers contain a number of books that have never paid, and for which the publisher will never get back the money invested. Messrs. W. B. Saunders Company would call attention to the fact that they have no such works on their list. In all the years of their business experience they have never published a book at a loss. This they confidently consider a most remarkable record, and submit the fact to the attention of the profession as an example of what might justly be called " Successful Publishing."

A Complete Catalogue o( our Publication* will be S«nt upon Reque*t


Practice, Pharmacy, Materia Medica, Therapeutics, Pharmacolo£(y, and the Allied Sciences





AS is well-known, the lists of most publishers contain a number of books that have never paid, and for which the publisher will never get back the money invested. Messrs. W. B. Saunders Company would call attention to the fact that they have no such works on their list. In all the years of their business experience they have never published a book at a loss. This they confidently consider a most remarkable record, and submit the fact to the attention of the profession as an example of what might justly be called " Successful Publishing."

A Complele Calalotfue of our Publicationi will be Sent upon Requeil


Practice, Pharmacy, Materia Medica, Therapeutics, Pharmacology, and the Allied Sciences





AS is well-known, the lists of most publishers contain a number of books that have never paid, and for which the publisher will never get back the money invested. Messrs. W. B. Saunders Company would call attention to the fact that they have no such works on their list. In all the years of their business experience they have ne\cr published a book at a loss. This they confidently consider a most remarkable record, and submit the fact to the attention of the profession as an example of what might justly be called "Successful Publishing."

A Complete Catalogue of our PubUcoHoni will be Sent upon RequMi






Plrofessor of Clinical Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania; Visiting

Physician to the Pennsylvania Hospital.

It is universally acknowledged that the Germans lead the world in Internal Medicine ; and of all the German works on this subject, Nothnagel's " Spccielle Pathologic und Therapie"

is conceded by scholars to be without question the best Practice


of Medicine in existence. So necessary is this book in the study of Internal Medicine that it comes largely to this country in the I w^«w«w«^^w original German. In view of these facts, Messrs. W. B. Saunders

  • Company have arranged with the publishers of the German edition

to issue at once an authorized American edition of this great Practice of Medicine.

For the present a set of 12 volumes, selected with especial thought of the needs of the

practising physician, will be published. These volumes will con


tain the real essence of the entire work, and the purchaser will therefore obtain, at less than half the cost, the cream of the original, loiter the special and more strictly scientific volumes will be offered from time to time. The work will be translated by men possessing' thorough knowledge of both English and German, and each volume will be edited by a prominent .specialist. It will thus be brought thoroughly up to date, and tlic American edition will be more than a mere translation ; for,

in addition to tht; matter contained in the original, it will represent


the very latest views of the leading American and English specialists in the various departments of Internal Medicine. Moreover, as each volume will be revised to the date of its publication by the eminent editor, the objection that has heretofore existed to treatises published in a number of volumes will be obviatetl, since the subscriber will receive the completed work while the earlier volumes are still fresh. The American publication of the entire work is under the editorial supervision of Dr. Al.KREi) Stenckl. who has selected the subjects for the American Edition, and has chosen the editors of the tHfferent volumes.

The usual method of publishers when issuing a publication of this kind has been to require {physicians to take the entire work. This seems to us in many cases to be undesirable, 'I"herefore, in purchasing this Practice physicians will be given the opj^ortunity of subscribing for it in entirety; but any single volunie or any number of volumes, each complete in itself, may be obtained by those who do not desire the complete series. This latter method offers to the purchaser many advantages which will be appreciated by those who do not care to subscribe for the entire work. Subscription.







Per volume x Cloth, f 5*00 net Half Morocco, ^.00 net

Typhoid and Typhus Fevers

By Dk. H. Curschmann, of Leipsic. The entire volume edited, with additions, by William Osler, M. D., F. R. C. P., Regius Professor of Medicine, Oxford University, Oxford, England. Octavo volume of 646 pages, fully illustrated.

Smallpox (including Vaccination), Varicellat Cholera Asiatica, Cholera Nostras, Erysipelas* Erysipeloid, Pertussis, and Hay Fever

By Dr. H. Immermaxn, of Basle ; Dr. Th. von JUrgensen, of Tubingen ; Dr. C. Liebermeister, of Tubingen ; Dr. H. Lenhartz, of Hamburg ; and Dr. (1. Sticker, of Giessen. The entire volume edited, with additions, by Sir J. W. Moore. M.D., F. R. C. P. I., Professor of Practice, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland. Octavo, 682 pages, illustrated.

Diphtheria, Measles, Sccurlet Fever, and R5theln

By William P. Northrup, M. D., of New York, and Dr. Th. von Jurgensen. of Tubingen. The entire volume edited, with additions, by William P. Northrup, M. D., Professor of Pediatrics. University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York. Octavo, 672 pages, illustrated, including 24 full -page plates, 3 in colors.

Diseases of the Bronchi, Diseases of the Pleura, and Inflammations of the Lun^s

By Dr. F. A. Hoffmann, of Leipsic ; Dr. O. Rosenhach, of Berlin ; and Dr. F. Ai'FRECiiT, of Magdeburg. The entire volume edited, with additions, by John H. Musser, M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. Octavo, 1029 pages, illustrated, including 7 full-page colored lithographic plates.

Diseases of the Pancreas, Suprarenals, and Liver

By Dr. L. Oser, of Vienna ; Dr. E. Nei'sser. of Vienna, and Drs. H. Quincke and Cf. Hoppe-Seyler, of Kiel. The entire volume edited, with additions, by Reginald H. Fritz. A. M., M. D., Hersey Professor of the Theory and Practice of Physic, Harvard University ; and Frederick A. Packard, M. D., I-ate Physician to the Pennsylvania and Children's Hospitals. Octavo of 918 pages, illustrated.

of the Stomach

By Dr. F. Riegel, of (liessen. Edited, with additions, by Charles G. Stockton. M. D., Professor of Medicine, University of Buffalo. Octavo of 835 pages, with 29 text-cuts and 6 full-page plates.

of the Intestines and Peritoneum

By Dr. Hermann NotHnagel. of Vienna. The entire volume edited, with additions, by H. D. Rollf^ston, M. D., F. R. C. P., Physician to St. George'u Hospital, London. Octavo of 1050 pages, finely illustrated.





Per volume : Cloth, $5.00 net Half Morocco, ^.00 net

Tuberculosis and Acute General Miliary Tuberculosis

By Dr. G. Cornet, of Berlin. Edited, with additions, by Walter B. James, M. D., Professor of the Practice of Medicine, Columbia University, New York. Octavo of 806 pages.

Diseases of the Blood { Anemia, chlorosis. Leukemia, and Pseudoleukemia)

By Dr. P. Ehrlich, of Frankfort-on-the-Main ; Dr. A. Lazarus, of Charlottenburg ; Dr. K. von Noorden, of Frankfort-on-the-Main ; and Dr. Felix Pinkus, of Berlin. The entire volume edited, with additions, by Alfred Stengel, M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. Octavo of 714 pages, with text-cuts and 13 full-page plates, 5 in colors.

Malarial Diseases, Influenza, and Dengue

By Dr. J. Mannaberg, of V^ienna, and Dr. O. Leichtenstern, of Cologne. The entire volume edited, with additions, by Ronald Ross, F. R. C. S. (Eng.), F. R. S., Professor of Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool ; J. W. W. Stephens, M. D., D. P. H., Walter Myers Lecturer on Tropical Medicine. University of Liverpool ; and Alhkkt S. Griinijaum. F. R. C. P., Professor of Experimental Medicine, University of Liverpool. Octavo of 769 pages, illustrated.

Diseases of Kidneys and Spleen, and Hemorrhagic Diatheses

By Dr. H. Senator, of Berlin, and Dr. M. Litten. of Berlin. The entire volume edited, with additions, by James B. Herkick. M. I)., Professor of the Practice of Medicine, Rush Medical Colle^i^e. Octi*vo of 815 pages, illust.

of the Heart

By Prof. Dr. L. von Sch rotter, of Vienna ; Prof. Dr. Th. von JurGENSKN, of Tubingen ; Prof. Dr. L. Krkhl. of Greifswald ; and Prof. Dr. H. Vihrordt, of Tubingen. The entire volume edited, with additions, by Geor(;k Dock, NL D.. Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Octavo of about 1000 pages, with 72 text illustrations and 6 colored plates.


London Lancet ( Typhoid volutti,)

" Wc weloonic; the translation into English of this cxct'llrnt practice of medicine. The first volumi* contains a \ast amount of useful information, and the forthcoming volumes are awaited with interest. '

Journal American Medical Association ( Tuberculosis volume)

" We know of no single tr<'atise covering the subject so thoroughly in nil its Mspect> as this great German work. ... It is one of the most exhaustive, practical, and satJMfactorv works on the subject of tuberculo'^is."

Medical News, New York ( A/zr/- volume)

" Leaves nothing to be desired in the way of completen^ss of information, orderlv arrangement of the text, thoroughgoing up-to-dateness, handiness for reference, and exhaustive discussion of the subjects treated."



Anders' Practice of Medicine

Recently Issued— New (7th) Edition

A Text-Book of the Practice of Medicine. By James M. Anders, M. D., Ph. D., LL. D., Professor of the Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine, Medico- Chirurgical College, Philadelphia. Handsome octavo, 1297 pages, fully illustrated. Cloth, II5.50 net; Sheep or Half Morocco, J6.50 net.


The success of this work as a text-book and as a practical guide for physicians has been truly phenomenal, it now having reached its seventh edition. This success is no doubt due to the extensive consideration given to Diagnosis and Treatment, DifTerendal Diagnosis being dealt with under separate headings, and the points of distinction of simulating diseases presented in tabular form. Among the new subjects added are Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Splanchnoptosis, Cammidge' s Test for Glycerose, Myasthenia Gravis, Pseudotuberculosis, Benign Cirrhosis of the Stomach, Intestinal Lithiasia, Intestinal Calculi, Red Light in Variola, Emulsion-albuminuria, and Adams-Stokes' Syndrome. Important additions have also been made to diseases which prevail principally in tropical countries.


James C. \^niK>ii, M. D.,

Professor of the Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicitu, Jejferson Medical ColUge Philadelphia.

" It is an excellent book^-concise, comprehensive, thorough, and up-to-date. It is a credit to you ; but, more than that, it is a credit to the profession of Philadelphia — to us."

Wm. E. Quine. M. D.

Professor of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago. " I consider Anders' Practice one of the best single-volume works before the profession at this time, and one of the best text-books for medical students."

Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital

'• The success of this work js well deserved. . . . The sections on treatment are excellent and add greatly to the value of this work. Dr. Anders is to be congratulated on the continued success of his text-book."

Pusey and Caldwell on X-Rays

in Therapeutics and Diagnosis

The Practical Application of the Rontgen Rays in Therapeutics and Diagnosis. By William Allen Pusev, A. M., M. U., Professor of Dermatology in the University of Illinois; and Eugene W. Caldwell, B. S.. UifL-ctor of the Kdward N. Gibbs X-Ray Memoiial Laboj ratory of the Univtrsity and Believue Hospital Medical College. New York. Handsnine octavo of 625 pages, with 200 illustrations, nearly all clinical. Cloth, SS-OO net; Sheep or Half Morocco, s6.oo net


Two large editions of lliis work wuhin a year testify to its practical value to both the specialist and general practitioner. Throughout the work it has beeo the aim of the authors to elucidate the practical aspects of the subject, and to this end the text has been beautifully illustrated with clinical pictures, showing the condition before the use of the X-rays, ac various stages of their application, and the final thera|ieutic result obtained. Details are also given regarding the use and management of the apparatus necessary for X-ray work, illuslratinE the descriptions with instnictive photographs and drawings. In making the reviri<m

listories of the cases cited have been brought down to the present time.


f BrilMi Joucnal of DennMology

' The most compleli; rind up-lo-dale conlrjbulion on llip subjecl of llie Iherapeu of Ihe Ranti;pn riv? wliicli h.i, been publiiheti iii English. '■ k.Boitoa Msdical and Sur^Ckl Journal

' It 15 indi;ptiis,i))lc to Ihose wlio use Ihc X-rays B&n ihi-rapeullc agFnl ; and lis illi ) numerniis . , . ttiBi ii bedoniM viiluable to every one."

Haw Yoi^ Medical Jounial

<We have noibini; but praise for lh< a aa one n better filled by Ironing oi


Sahli's Diagnostic Methods

Editors: Francis P.Kinnicutt^ M.D.^ and Nath'I Bowditch Potter, M.D.

A Treatise on Dias^nostic Methods of Examination. By Prof. Dr. H. Sahli, of Bern. Edited, with additions, by Francis P. KinniCUTT, M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University, N. Y. ; and Nath'l Bowditch Potter, M. D., Visiting Physician to the City and French Hospitals, N. Y. Octavo of 1008 pages, profusely illustrated. Cloth, j»6.50 net ; Half Morocco, J87.50 net.


Dr. Sahli's great work, upon its publication in German, was immediately recognized as the most important work in its field. Not only are all methods of examination for the purpose of diagnosis exhaustively considered, but the explanation of clinical phenomena is given and discussed from physiologic as well as pathologic points of view. In the chemical examination methods are described so exactiy that it is possible for the clinician to work according to these directions.

Lewellys F. Barker, M. D.

Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medic ine^ Johns Hopkins University " I am delighted with it, and it will be a pleasure to recommend it to our students in the Johns Hopkins Medical School."

Friedenwald and Ruhrah

on Diet

Diet in Health and Disease. By Julius Friedenwald, M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Stomach, and John Ruhrah, M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore. Octavo of 728 pages. Cloth, II4.00 net.


This work contains a complete account of food-stuflfs, their uses, and chemical composition. Dietetic management in all diseases in which diet plays a part in treatment is carefully considered. The feeding of infants and children, of patients before and after anesthesia and surgical operations, and the latest methods of feeding after gastro-intestinal operations are all taken up in detail.

George Dock, M. D.

Professor of Theory and Practice and of Clinical Medicine, University of Mickigtm

" It seems to me that you have ost valuable work of the kind now

I am especially glad to see the Ion ^ different kinds of foods."



Rolleston on the Liver

Diseases of the Liver. Gall-bladder, and Bile-ducts. By H.

D. Rolleston, M. D. (Cantab), F. R. C. P., Physician to St. George's Hospital, London, England. Octavu volume uf 794 pages, fully illustrated, including a number in colors. Cloth, g6.00 net.


This work covers the enlirc field iif diseases of the liver, and i.'i die most voluminnus work on this subject in Enj;hsh, Dr. Rulleston has for many years past devoted his tiinc exclusively to diseases of the di^;estive organs, and anything from his pen, therefore, is authoritative a.nd practical. Special 3 given to pathology and treatment, the former being profusely illustrated.

Medical Record, New York

Boston's Clinical Diag>nosis

Clinical Diagnosis. By L. Napoleon Boston. M.D., Associate in

Medicine and Director of the Clinical Laboratories. Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia. Octavo of 563 page.'^. with 330 illustrations, many in colors. CInth, £4,00 net.

Dr. Boston here presents a practical manual of ihe clinical and laboratory examinations which furnish a guide to correct diagnosis, giving only such methods. however, which can be carried out by Ihe busy practitioner in his office as well as by the student in Ihe laboratory. In this new second edition the entire work has been carefully and thoroughly revised, Incorporating all the newest advances. Borton Modic&l Mid Sur^nl Journal

" Up h:is produccil a book winch muy he regarded emineolly as a praelical luid servioable guide. . . . The iliuslralions are both namerous and good."

■w^ T»« 



THE BEST /\m6riC2kn standard

Illustrated Dictionary

Just Issued— New (4th) Edition

The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary. A new and complete dictionary of the terms used in Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry^ Pharmacy, Chemistry, and kindred branches; with over lOO new and elaborate tables and many handsome illustrations. By W. A. Newman Borland, M. D., Editor of " The American Pocket Medical Dictionary," Large octavo, over 800 pages, bound in full flexible leather. Price, $^^0 net ; with thumb index, J5.00 net.


The immediate success of this work is due to the special features that distinguish it from other books of its kind. It gives a maximum of matter in a minimum space and at the lowest possible cost. Though it is practically unabridged^ yet by the use of thin bible paper and flexible morocco binding it is only i % inches thick. In this new edition the book has been thoroughly revised, and upward of two thousand new terms have been added.

Howard A. Kelly, M« D.» Professor of Gynecology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

"Dr. Dorland's dictionary is admirable. It is so well gotten up and of such convenient size. No errors have been found in my use of it."

Goepp's State Board Questions

state Board Questions and Answers. By R. Max Goepp, M. D.,

Professor of Clinical Medicine, Philadelphia Polyclinic. Octavo of

800 pages.


Every graduate who desires to practice medicine must pass a State Hoard Examination, and to aid him in successfully passing such an examination this work will be of inestimable value. Dr. Goepp has taken great pains to collect the many questions asked in the past by Boards of the various States, and has arranged and classified them under subjects in such a manner that the prospective applicant can acquire the knowledge on any branch with the least difficulty.


Hatcher and SoUmann's Materia Medica

A Text-Book of Materia Medica : including Laboratory Exercises in the Histologic and Chemic Examination of Drugs. By Robert A. Hatcher, Ph. G., M. D., of Cornell University Medical School, New York City ; and Torald Sollmann, M.D., of the Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. i2mo of 41 1 pages. Flex, leather, $2.00 net.


This work is a practical text-book, treating the subject by actual experimental demonstrations.

Journal of the American Medical

"The book is well written, the classifications are good, and the book is to be recommended as a practical guide in the laboratory study of materia medica."

Eichhorst's Practice

A Text-Book of the Practice of Medicine. By Dr. Hermann EiCHHORST, University of Zurich. Translated and edited by Augustus A. EsHNER, M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, Philadelphia Polyclinic. Two octavos of 600 pages each, with over 150 illustrations. Per set : Cloth, net ; Sheep or Half Morocco, $7.50 net

Bulletin of Johnt Hopkint Hospital

    • This book is an excellent one of its kind. Its completeness, yet brevity, the clinical

methods, the excellent paragraphs on treatment and watering-places, will make it very desirable."

Bridge on Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis. By Norman Bridge, A. M., M. D., Emeritus Professor of Medicine in Rush Medical College, in aflfiliation with the University of Chicago. i2mo of 302 pages, illustrated. Cloth.

Ji.50 net.

Medical News, New York

" Thoroughly representative of our practical methods of diagnosis and treatment of the disease."


Thornton's Dose-Book

Dose-Book and Manual of Prescription-Writinsr. By E. Q. Thornton, M. D., Assistant Professor of Materia Medica, Jefferson Medical College, Phila. Post-octavo, 392 pages, illustrated. Flexible Leather, $2.QO net.

Recently Issued— New (3d) Edition

Dr. Thornton, in making this revision, has brought his book in accord with the new (1905) Pharmacopeia. Throughout the entire work numerous references have been introduced to the newer curative sera, organic extracts, synthetic compounds, and vegetable drugs. To the Appendix, chapters upon Synonyms and Poisons and their antidotes have been added, thus increasing its value as a book of reference.

C. H. Kfiller. M. D.,

Professor of Pharmacology, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago,

" I will be able to make considerable use of that part of its contents relating to the correct terminology as used in prescription-writing, and it will afford me much pleasure to recommend the book to my classes, who often fail to find this information in their other text-books."

Lusk on Nutrition

Elements of the Science of Nutrition. By Graham Llsk, Ph.D., Professor of Physiology in the University and Bellevuc Hospital Medical College. Octavo of 325 pages. Cloth, $2.50 net.


This practical work deals with the subject of nutrition from a scientific standpoint, and will be useful to the dietitian as well as the clinical physician. There are special chapters on the metabolism of diabetes and fever, and on purin metabolism.

Lewellyt F. Barlcer. M.D..

Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine^ Johns Hopkins University. " I shall recommend it highly. It is a comfort to have such ;i discussion of the subject."

Mathews' How to Succeed in Practice

How to Succeed in the Practice of Medicine. By Joskpii M. Mathews, M.D., LL.D., President Amerir^*^ ^edic»il Association, 1898-99. i2mo of 215 pages, illustrated. "CO net.


Gould and Pyle's Curiosities of Medicine

Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine. By George M. Gould, M. D., and Walter L. Pyle, M. D. An encyclopedic collection of rare and extraordinary cases and of the most striking instances of abnormality in all branches of Medicine and Surgery, derived from an exhaustive research of medical literature from its origin to the present day, abstracted, classified, annotated, and indexed. Handsome octavo volume of 968 pages, 295 engra^rfngs, and 12 full-page plates.

Popular Editioa : Cloth, I3.OO net ; Sheep or Half Morocco, I4*00 net

As a complete and authoritative Book of Reference this work will be of value not only to members of the medical profession, but to all persons interested in general scientific, sociologic, and medicolegal topics ; in fact, the absence of any complete work upon the subject makes this volume one of the most important literary innovations of the day. •

The Lancet, London

"The book is a monument of untiring energy, keen discrimination, and erudition. . . . We heartily recommend it to the profession."

Saunders' Pocket Formulary

Recently Issued— New («th) Edition— Adapted to the New (ljK)5) Phannacopeia

Saunders' Pocket Medical Formulary. By William M. Powell, M. D., author of "Essentials of Diseases of Children"; Member of Philadelphia Pathological Society. Containing 1 83 1 formulas from the best-known authorities. With an Appendix containing Posological Table, Formulas and Doses for Hypodermic Medication, Poisons and their Antidotes, Diameters of the Female Pelvis and Fetal Head, Obstetrical Table, Diet-list, Materials and Drugs used in Antiseptic Surgery, Treatment of Asphyxia from Drowning, Surgical Remembrancer, Tables of Incompatibles, Eruptive Fevers, etc., etc. In flexible morocco, with side index, wallet, and flap. $i-7S riet

Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin

" Arran.£jed in such a way as to make consultation of it as easy as possible. It is remarkable how much information the author has succeeded in gettmg into so small a book."


SoUmann's Pharmacolo^

Including Therapeutics, Materia MedicB: Pharmacy, Prescription -writing. Toxicology, etc.

A Text-Book of Pharmacology. By Torald Sollmann, M.D.

Proretisor of Pharmacol. icry and Materia Medica, Medical Deiiartment of Western Reserve University, Clevjiand, Ohio, Handsome octavo vohjme of 1070 pages, fully illustrated. Cloth. S4.00 net.


Because of the radical alterations which have been made in the new (1905) Pharmacupeia, it was found necessary to reset this book cnlirelv. The aulbi bases Ihe study of therapeutics on a systematic knowledge of Ihc nature and properties of drugs, and thus brings out forcibly the intimate relation betivee pharmacology and practical medicine.

J. r. Foflwrintflum, M. D.

/Vfl/. n/ Tkir.ifti,tici ,iaJ Tkrary airJ Praaic^o/ Prtrcriiiig Trinilt Med. CnUige. Tanid. " TJie work teriaiiiiy r>couplES groimd not covered in so conciu. luctul. and scientific mannor hv :iny oihi^i I<:>1 [ tiuvc on Ihe ^ubjccla embm^ed."

Butler's Materia Medica

Therapeutics, and PharinacoIo{^

A Text-Book of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Pharmacologyk

By Georgf. F., Ph. G., M. D., Associate Profes.sor of Therapeutics. College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago. Revised bjr Smith Elv Jelliffe, M. D., Profes-ior of Pharmacognosy, Columb^ University. Octavo of 694 pages, iilustratcd. Cloth, S4.00 net; Half Morocco, 1S5.00 net.

RECENTLY ISSUED~NEW 15th EDITION Adapted to the New ( 1905) Pharmacopaa For this fifth edition Ur. Butlers textbook has been entirely remodeled, written, and re.sel. All obsolete matter has been eliminated, ami special at. lion has been given to the toxicologic and therapeutic effects of the newer c«  pniinds, A classification has been adopted which groups tOKelher those di the predominant action of which is on one system of organs.

M«dicnl Record. New York

■ Niillimg hiis littn omuled by the author whicli, J" hi. ■ijdgmtnl. «i pletenesa of lb« lexl, anrf Ihp itmlenl or general rej Ibe l,en.

bearini; upon Ibe value of ilruRs and remedi« lonr


The American Pocket Medical Dictionary. 4ihCd. Recently issued

The American Pocket Medical Dictionary. Edited by W. A. Newman Dorland, M. D., Assistant Obstetrician to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Containing the pronunciation and definition of the principal words used in medicine and kindred sciences, with 64 extensive tables. Flexible leather, with gold edges, ^l.oo net ; with thumb index, j$i.25 net.

"I can recommend it to our students without reserve."— J. H. Holland. M. D., of tkt Jefferson Medical College, PhilaeUlphia.

Vierordt's Medical Diagnosis. Fourth Editioii, Revised

Mkdical Diagnosis. By Dr Oswald Vierordt, Professor of Medicine, University of Heidelberg. Translated from the fifth enlarged German edition by Francis H. Stuart, A. M., M. D. Octavo, 603 pages, 104 wood cuts. Cloth, $4.00 net; Sheep or Half Morocco, %^.oo net.

    • Has been recoKnized as a practical work of the highest value. It may be considered indispensable

both to students and practitioners."— F. Minot, M. D., late Professor o/ Theory and Practice in Harvard University.

Cohen and Eshner's Diagnosis. Second Revised Editioii

EssENTiAi^ of Diagnosis. By S. Solis-Cohen, M. D., Senior Assistant Professor in Clinical M^icine, Jefferson Medical College, Phila. ; and A. A. Eshner, M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, Philadelphia Polyclinic. Post-octavo, 382 pages; 55 illustrations. Cloth, $1.00 net. /// Saund^rs^ Question -ComJ^^nd Series.

"Concise in the treatment of subject, terse in expression of fact." — American Journal of the Medical Sciences.

Recently Issued

Morris' Materia Medica and Therapeutics. New (7th) Edition


By Henry Morris, M. D., late Demonstrator of Therapeutics, Jefferson Medical College, Phila. Revised by AV. A. Bastedo, M. D., Instructor in Materia Medica and Pharmacology iit Columbia Univer.sity. 1 2mo, 300 pages. Cloth, ^ 1. 00 net. In Saunders* Question- Compcnd Series.

    • Cannot fail to impress the mind and instinct in a lasting manner." — Buffalo Medical Journal.

Williams' Practice of Medicine Recently issued

• Essentials of tiik Practick ok MiniriNi. By W. R. Williams, M.D.. formerly Instructor in Medicine and Lecturer on Hygiene, Cornell Universiiv ; and Tutor in Therapeutics, ('<.lumbia University, X. V. l2mo of 450 pnge«-, illustrated. In Satmdrrs* QnestioH-ConiptnJ Series. Double nuniler, $1.75 net.

Stoney's Materia Medica for Nurses N^S^ i£n

Materia Medica ior Nirsivs. By Emily M. A. Stoney. Supvrintmdent of the Training School for Nurses ;it the Cnrney Hr>spital. South Boston, Mass. Handsome i2mo vohime of 300 pai^es. Cloth. 51.50 net.

"It contains about everything that a nurse ouKht to know in reg^ard to Atvl%^."— ^Journal of the American Medical Association.

Grafstrom's Mechano-therapy Seco^d*E&n!^ia,««l

A Text- Book of Mf( hano-therapy (Massai^e and .Medical GymnasticsL Bv Axel V. Grafstrom. B. Sc, M. D.. .\ttendini,' Physician to Augustus Adolphus Orphanage, Jamestown. N. Y. i2mo, 200 piijes, illustrattMl, 51-25 net.

"Certainly fulfills its mission in rcnderinR^ comprehensible the subjects of massage and medical gymnastics." — Xew Vork Medical Journal.


Jakob and Eshner's Internal Medicine and Diagnosis

Atlas and Epitome op Internal Medicine and Clinical Diagnosis. By Dr. Chr. Jakub, of Erlangen. Edited, with additions, by A. A. Eshner, M. D., Professor of Qinical Medicine, Philadelphia Polyclinic. With 182 colored figures on 68 plates, 64 text- illustrations, 259 pages of text. Cloth, j^j.oo net. In Sounder^ Hand- Atlas Series.

    • Can be recommended unhesitatingly to the practicing physician no less than to the student." —

Bulletin 0/ J^knx Hopkins Hospital.

Lockwood's Practice of Medicine. Re^^ia^ed

A Manual of the Practice of Medicine. By Geo. Roe Lockwood, M. D., Attending Physician to the Bellevue Hospital, New York City. Octavo, 847 pages, with 79 illustrations in the text and 22 full-page plates. Cloth, ^4.00 net.

A work of positive merit, and one which we gladly welcome."— AV«v York Medicml Joumai.

Keating's Life Insurance

How TO Examine for Life Insurance. By the late John M. Keating, M. D., Ex-President of the Association of Life Insurance Medical Directors. Royal octaro, 211 pages. With numerous illustrations. Cloth, j$2.oo net. *

" This is by far the most useful book which has yet appeared on insurance examiaation." — Medicml New*.

Corvrin's Physical Diagnosis. Thiid Cditioii. Revised

Essentials of Physical Diagnosis of the Thorax. By A. M. Corwin, A. M., M. D., Professor of Physical Diagnosis, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago. 220 pages, illustrated. Cloth, flexible covers, j$i.25 net.

" A most excellent little work. It arranges orderly and in sequence the various objective pheaomena to logical solution of a careful diagnosis."— y<7vr»a/ 0/ Nervous and Mental Diseases.

Barton and Wells* Medical Thesatnrus

A Thi<:saurus of Medical Words and Phrases. Hy W. M. Barton, M. D., and W. A. Weli-S, M. D., of Georgetown University, Washinjjion, D. C. l2mo of 535 pages. Flexible leather, $2.50 net ; thumb indexed, $3.00 net.

Jelliffe's Pharmacognosy Recently issued

An Introduction to Pharmacognosy. By Smith Ely Jelliffe, Ph. D,, M. D., of Columbia University. Octavo, illustrated. Clolh, I2.50 net.

Stevens' Practice of Medicine. New (7th) Edition— Recently issued

A Manual of thk Practice or Medicinf. By A. A. Stevens. A. M., M. D.,

Professor of Pathology, Woman's Medical College, Phila. Specially intended for

students preparinp for j^raduaiion and hospital examinations. Post-octavo, 556 pages; illustrated. Flexible leather, $2.50 net.

"An excellent condensation of the essentials of medical practice f«ir the .student, and may be found also an excellent reminder for the bu»y physician." — Buffalo Mt'dical Journal.

Paul's Materia Medica for Nurses just Ready

Materia Mkhica for Nursf:s. By Georc.e P. Paui, M.D., Assistant Visiting Physician and Adjunct Radiographer to the Samaritan Hospital, Troy, N. Y. i2mo of 240 pages. Cloth, ^1.50 net.

In Dr. Paul's new work the physiologic actions of the drui^s an: arranged according to the action of the drug and not the organ acted upon. Another important section is that on pretoxic signs, giving the warnings of the full action or the bejjinninij toxic effects of the drug. If these signs be known many cases of drug poisoning may be prevented.