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Mesoderm Development

Carnegie stage 9 showing somite formation
Carnegie stage 9 scanning electron microscope image showing somite formation


We have seen the following processes during early human development so far: fertilization and blastocyst development in the first week, implantation in the second week, early placentation and bilaminar to trilaminar in the third week. In the third to fourth week we will now follow the development of the trilaminar embryo as each layer begins to differentiate into the primordia of different tissues within the embryo. From this point onward the lectures will not be in a strict timeline format as we will have to follow each layer (ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm) forward through its early development, and then jump back to discuss the next layer.

This lecture will look at mesoderm development and formation of the body cavities.

Mesoderm means the "middle layer" and it is from this layer that nearly all the bodies connective tissues are derived. In early mesoderm development a number of transient structures will form and then be lost as tissue structure is patterned and organised. Humans are vertebrates, with a "backbone", and the first mesoderm structure we will see form after the notochord will be somites.

Coelom, meaning "cavity", and major fluid-filled cavities can be seen to form both within the embryo (intraembryonic coelom) and outside the embryo (extraembryonic coelom). The intraembryonic coelom is the single primitive cavity that lies within the mesoderm layer that will eventually form the 3 major anatomical body cavities (pericardial, pleural, peritoneal).



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