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Sequence of time-lapse images showing a monosomic human embryo that begins fragmenting at the 1-cell stage.

Monosomy refers to the presence of only one chromosome from the normal pair in the embryo. A partial monosomy is when there is only one copy of a segment of a chromosome present. A complete monosomy syndrome in female humans is seen in Turner syndrome (Monosomy X) associated with either a missing or altered second X chromosome.

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Monosomic embryo icon.jpg Monosomic embryo 2.jpg Monosomic embryo 3.jpg
Zygote 1 cell stage fragmentation 2 cell stage fragmentation


Chavez SL, Loewke KE, Han J, Moussavi F, Colls P, Munne S, Behr B & Reijo Pera RA. (2012). Dynamic blastomere behaviour reflects human embryo ploidy by the four-cell stage. Nat Commun , 3, 1251. PMID: 23212380 DOI.


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Supplementary Movie 5 (5,430 kB)
 Original movie cropped, altered in size and labelling.

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