Gastrulation Mesoderm Migration

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Chicken Gastrulation Mesoderm Migration

Migration of cells from anterior and posterior primitive streak is shown, following labelling with DiI (red) in the anterior streak and DiO (green) in the posterior streak. Note also the developing somites and neural groove at the top of the screen later in the movie. Movie covers a period of approximately 20 hours.

  • Anterior cells do not migrate laterally but move into the paraxial mesoderm where they undergo convergent extension.
  • Posterior cells migrate laterally before undergoing convergent extension movements.

Chicken primitive streak cell fate 01.jpg

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Chicken primitive streak cell fate 03.jpg


Mesoderm migration movie 1 icon.jpg

Sweetman D, Wagstaff L, Cooper O, Weijer C & Münsterberg A. (2008). The migration of paraxial and lateral plate mesoderm cells emerging from the late primitive streak is controlled by different Wnt signals. BMC Dev. Biol. , 8, 63. PMID: 18541012 DOI.


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