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Human Embryo (17.8mm)

The embryo external appearance and dimensions suggest that it is a Carnegie stage 19 embryo (Week 7, 48 - 51 days, 16 - 18 mm).

Links: External view | Internal view | Carnegie stage 19


Thyng F.W., (1914) The anatomy of a 17.8mm human embryo. American Journal of Anatomy 14, 31-113

A reproduction of figure 104, page 153 of “Laboratory Textbook of Embryology,” Charles Sedgwick Minot, edition of 1910, published by P. Blakiston’s Son and Company, Philadelphia.

The American Journal of Anatomy, Vol.17, No.1 These drawings are based on studies of the Harvard Embryological Collection while he was in Minot's Lab in 1907-08.

He was also an anatomist at Northwestern University Medical School.