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Plate 1

Fig. 1. Gross appearance of the placenta and fetal membranes from the uterus, 12 hours after injection of a vital stain into the amniotic cavity. Note the prominent omphalo-mesenteric vessels.

Fig. 2. Gross appearance of a guinea-pig fetus with the amnion opened 36 hours after injection of trypan-blue into the amniotic cavity. The omphalo-mesenteric vessels can be seen in the wall of the amniotic sac.

Fig. 3. Guinea-pig fetus, nearly full term, after injection of potassium ferrocyanide and iron ammonium citrate into the amniotic cavity. The fetus was killed 30 minutes after injection and immersed in acid formalin.

Notice the deep Prussian-blue stain in the lungs and trachea. The stomach contents also were blue. The kidneys are slightly stained.

Fig. 4. Sagittal section of guinea-pig, measuring 36 mm., 48 hours after the introduction of trypan-blue into the amniotic cavity. Note that the central nervous system remains unstained.

Fig. 5. Appearance of the placenta and membranes of a guinea-pig fetus after a single injection of trypan-blue into the maternal circulation. Notice the endodermal villi which are deeply stained, e. v. endodermal villi

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