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Fig. 6 Lateral View of reconstruction of the left membranous labyrinth and the periotic spaces in a human fetus 85 mm CR length

(Carnegie Collection, No. 1400-30) enlarged 9 diameters. Although the greater part of the cistern abuts against the stapes it will be noted that it also is beginning to spread over the dorsal surface of the utricle and along the inner border of the lateral canal. The scala vestibuli communicates freely with the cistern and extends downward along the apical surface of the cochlear duct throughout nearly two turns, showing the characteristic sacciilated appearance near its tip where the coalescence of the spaces is less complete.

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Streeter GL. The development of the scala tympani, scala vestibuli and perioticular cistern in the human embryo. (1917) Amer. J Anat. 21: 300-320.

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