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Fig. 595. A and B. Diagrammatic Outlines of the Vestige of the Left Superior Cava and of a Case of its Persistence

(sketched after Marshall).

A, brachio-cephalic veins with the superior intercostal, azygos, and principal cardiac veins.

B, the same in a case of persistence of the left superior cava, showing its communication with the sinus of the coronary vein.

The views are supposed to be from before, the parts of the heart being removed or seen through.

1, 1', the internal jugular veins ; 2, 2', subclavian veins ; 3, right innominate ; 3', right or regular superior cava ; 4, in A, the left innominate ; in B, the transverse or communicating vein between the right and left superior vena cavae ; 5, in A, the opening of the superior intercostal vein into the innominate ; 5', vestige of the left superior cava or duct of Cuvier ; 5, 5', in B, the left vena cava superior abnormally persistent, along with a contracted condition of 4, the communicating vein : 6, the sinus of the coronaiy vein ; 6', branches of the coronary veins ; 7, the superior intercostal trunk of the left side, or left cardinal vein ; 8, the principal azygos or right cardinal vein ; 7', 8', some of the upper intercostal veins ; 9, the opening of the inferior vena cava, with the Eustachian valve.

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Reference: Quain's Elements of Anatomy. William Sharpey, Allen Thomson and Edward Albert Schafer (1878) William Wood And Co., New York.

1878 Elements of Anatomy: The Ovum | The Blastoderm | Fetal Membranes | Placenta | Musculoskeletal | Neural | Gastrointesinal | Respiratory | Cardiovascular | Urogenital
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