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Fig. 17 Diagram of the venous system of adult man

McClure 1925 Paper Abbreviations

A., lumbar division of right posterior cardinal vein (V. cardinalis posterior dextra)

A.Coel., coeliac artery (A. coeliaca)

Adr., adrenal vein (V. adrenalis, suprarenalis)

A.Mes.Ant., anterior mesenteric artery (A. mesenterica anterior)

A.Mes.Inf., inferior mesenteric artery (A. mesenterica inferior)

A.Meson., branch of aorta to mesonephros (A. mesonephrica)

A.Om., omphalomesenteric (A . omphalomesenterica)

A.Umb., umbilical artery (A. umbilica)

Anast.IL.Pc., anastomosis between posterior eardinal veins at level of iliac veins

Anast. Int. S prc., intersnpracardinal anastomosis. Anastomosis between supraeardinal veins

Anast. Pc.Sprc., posterior cardinalsupraeardinal anastomosis. Anastomosis between posterior cardinal and supracardinal veins

Anast. Subc.Pc., snbcardino-posterior cardinal anastomosis. Anastomosis between subeardinal and posterior cardinal veins

Anast. Subc.Sprc., subcardinal-supracardinal anastomosis. Anastomosis between subcardinal and supracardinal veins

Anast. Subc.Sprc.D6;r.t. (R.Col. — .P.Ren.) , right subcardino-supraeardinal anastomosis (lateral portion, right side, of renal coll-ar—pars renalis of vena cava. inferior) artery

An.ast.Subc.Sprc.Si/n.., left subcardinosupracardinal anastomosis (lateral portion, left side, or renal collar)

Ao., aorta

Az., azygos vein (V. azygos)

B., lumbar division of right supracardinal vein (V. supracardinalis dextra)

0., lumbar division of left supracardinal vein (V. supracardinalis sinistra)

0.0., ventral portion of circumumbilical venous ring (V. cardinalis collateralis)

O.S., coronary sinus (sinus coronarius)

D., lumbar division of left posterior cardinal vein (V. cardinalis posterior sinistra)

D.C., duct of Cuvier

Dext., dextra

E.Ii. V., external iliac vein (V. iliaca externa)

Hem.Ae., hemiazygos vein (V. hemiazygos)

Hep.Subc.J ct., hepato—subcardinal junction (junction made between hepatic sinusoids and right subeardinal vein)

I.ll.V., internal iliac vein (V. iliaca interna)

Innom.Sin., left innominate vein (V. anonyma sinistra)

Int.Subc.Anast., intersubcardinal anastomosis (anastomosis, caudal to omphalomesenteric artery, between subcardinal veins)

Jug.Int., internal jugular vein (V. jugnlaris interna)

K., permanent kidney (metanephros)

L.Imom.V., left innominate vein (V. anonyma sinistra)

Mes.Caud.Pc., a tributary of the posterior cardinal vein draining the caudal portion of the mesonephros (caudal mesonephric branch of posterior cardinal)

P.Hep., pars hepatica of vena cava inferior

P.Ren., pars renalis of vena. cam inferior

P.Sprc., pars supracardinalis of vena cava inferior

P.Subc., pars subcardinalis of vena cava inferior

P.Subc.(Subc.Dext.), pars subcardinalis of vena cava inferior (right subcardinal vein)

Po., posterior cardinal vein (V. cardinalis posterior)

Pc.(Az.), posterior cardinal vein in azygos region

P0.Me.s'., posterior cardinal vein draining cranial portion of mesonephros

Pc.I., thoracic division of posterior eardinal vein forming cranial end of azygos vein

Pc.2.Dext., the portion of right posterior cardinal vein entering into formation of right periureteric (perimetanephric) venous ring

Pc.2.Sin., the portion of left posterior cardinal vein entering into formation of left periureteric (perimetanephric) venous ring

Pro, anterior cardinal vein (V. cardinalis anterior)

Prev, anterior vena cava (V. cava anterior)

R.Col., lateral portion of renal collar (subcardino—supracardinal a.nastomosis)

Ren.I., embryonic renal vein which is attached to renal collar (V. renalis)

Ren.II., embryonic renal vein which is attached to supracardinal vein (V. renalis)

R.V., renal vein in figure 18 (V. renalis)

S'cl., subclavian vein (V. subclavia)

Sim, sinistra

Sprcn, supracardinal vein (V. supracardinalis)

Sprc.A2., thoracic or azygos division of supracardinal vein

Sprc.Dext.(P.Sprc.), right supracardinal vein (pars supracardinalis of vena cava inferior)

Sprc.Sin.(P.Sprc.) (fig. 17 only), left supracardinal vein (pars supraeardinalis of vena cava inferior sinistra)

Sprc. (X), median channel between right and left supracardinal veins in figure 16

Subc., subcardinal vein (V. subcardinalis)

Subc.Sin.(Adr.), left subcardinal vein (left adrenal or suprarenal vein). V. adrenalis or suprarenalis sinistra

Subc.Pc.Anast., subcardino-posterior cardinal anastomosis (anastomosis between subcardinal and posterior cardinal Veins, fig. 18)

Subc.Sp'ro.Anast., subcardino-supracav dinal anastomosis (anastomosis between subcardinal and supracardinal veins, fig. 18)

S.V., sinus venosus in figures 1 and 2; sex veins in figure 18

Urn, ureter

V.Lu-mb., lumbar vein (V. lumbalis), omphalo-mesenteric vein (V. omphalomesenterica)

V.Umb., umbilical vein (V. urnbilica.)

V.S.l., sex vein (V. spermatica interna)

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McClure CFW. and Butler EG. The development of the vena cava inferior in man. (1925) Amer. J Anat. 35(3): 331-383.

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