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Plate 2

9 Cat; 35-mm. embryo. Nearly median sagittal section to show the topography of the pharyngeal region shortly before tonsillar differentiation. From above downward appear: ventral edge of hindbrain, basilar artery, cartilaginous basis cranii, the pharyngeal region with transverse pharyngeal vein at the left and hypophyseal stalk and craniopharyngeal canal at the right. Dorsal edges of epiglottis and soft palate are below. X 22%.

10 The same. Parasagittal section of the pharyngeal region 60 ,u. to the side of the section above. Longitudinal veins bound the tonsillar region above. X 37:}.

11 Cat; 75-mm. fetus. Nearly median section of the tonsillar region, at the beginning of tonsillar differentiation. Transverse pharyngeal vein and pharyngeal musculature at the left, hypophyseal stalk and craniopharyngeul canal at the right. ><22A_1..

12 Cat; 100—mm. fetus. Nearly median section. Early differentiation of the tonsil. Above are os basioccipitale (left), os basisphenoidale with craniopha— ryngeal canal and included hypophyseal stalk, and 0s presphenoidale (right). Transverse pharyngeal vein and pharyngeal musculature at the left. Soft palate below. Hypophyseal stalk reaches the epithelium at a point about -3; inch from the right edge of the photograph. X 16%.

13 Kitten approaching sexual maturity (200 mm., occipital crest to root of tail). Nearly median sagittal section, cephalic end to the left. Ossification of basis cranii advanced. Transverse vein at right. H, diverticulum of hypophyseal stalk. Ventral end of canal above its caudal end. X 11.

14 Cat; 85-to-90-mm. fetus. Sagittal section of developing pharyngeal tonsil. Cartilage of basis cranii above. Clear spaces are lymphatic channels. Darker areas, blood vessels and glands; a caudally c.urved gland appears toward the left. X 41.

15 Cat; young adult (310 mm., occipital crest to root of tail). Pharyngeal tonsil, surface epithelium (to the right) and superficial portions of two lymphatic nodules with crescents. Lymphatic infiltration of the epithelium in the depression near center. X 71


Kingsbury BF. The developmental significance of the mammalian pharyngeal tonsil - Cat. (1932) Amer. J Anat. 50(2): 201-231.

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