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Text-Fig. 2. Graphic reconstruction of the median section through the Dobbin embryo

Ectoderm black; endoderm lined horizontally; primitive streak lined vertically; += HENSEN’s knot; chorda-process lined obliquely; prochordal plate ( lined horizontally and dotted; mesoderm dotted; cloacal membrane (O'l.) cross—hatched. Limits of the embryonal shield marked by arrows. AL; 2: proximal (tubular) part of the allantoic canal; Al.2 = its distal (vesicular) part.

Hor. —-—=. horizontal plane (the plane of the projection in text-figs. 1 and 8). The caudal part of the embryonic formation, including the cloacal membrane, the allantoic canal, the caudal part of the amniotic cavity and the connecting stalk are projected into the median plane, and their outlines are marked by interrupted lines. , The cell-layer underneath the intermediate region and the most cranial portion of the head-process, the significance of Which is doubtful, is left White. X 75.

Anterior margin, embryonal shield to region of cloacal membrane (A-Cl.) 0.98 mm
Vertical diameter (D-F) of yolk-sac 1.092 mm
Antero-posterior diameter of yolk-sac, near its mid-region 0.98 mm
Vertical height, amnio-embryonal vesicle (D-E) 0.468 mm
Length of yolk-sac process 0.88 mm

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Hill JP. and Florian J. A young human embryo (embryo dobbin) with head-process and prochordal plate. (1931) Phil. Tran. Roy. Soc. London B, 219: 443-486.

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