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Fig. 269. Section through the anterior portion of the fundament of the eye in an embryo Chick on the fifth day of incubation

after KESSLEE.

Ce, Corneal epithelium ; h, lens-epithelium ; h, structureless sheet of the corneal fundament ; li, embryonic connective stibstance, which envelops the optic cup and, penetrating between lensepithelium (/c) and corneal epithelium (Ac), furnishes the fundament of the cornea ; ah, outer, ib, inner layer of the secondary optic cup.

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Text-Book of the Embryology of Man and Mammals: Description of the Sexual Products | The Phenomena of the Maturation of the Egg and the Process of Fertilisation | The Process of Cleavage | General Discussion of the Principles of Development | The Development of the Two Primary Germ-Layers | The Development of the Two Middle Germ-Layers | History of the Germ-Layer Theory | Development of the Primitive Segments | Development of Connective Substance and Blood | Establishment of the External Form of the Body | The Foetal Membranes of Reptiles and Birds | The Foetal Membranes of Mammals | The Foetal Membranes of Man | The Organs of the Inner Germ-Layer - The Alimentary Tube with its Appended Organs | The Organs of the Outer Germ-Layer | The Development of the Nervous System | The Development of the Sensory Organs | The Development of the Skin and its Accessory Organs | The Organs of the Intermediate Layer or Mesenchyme | The Development of the Blood-vessel System | The Development of the Skeleton
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Hertwig O. Text-book of the embryology of man and mammals. (1892) Translated 1901 by Mark EL. from 3rd German Edition. S. Sonnenschein, London.

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