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FIGURE 1 Mid—polar section through an oocyte in a primordial follicle. Closely applied to the spherical vesicular nucleus is the crescent—shaped Balbiani’s vitelline body (between asterisks at lower right against nucleus) formed by peripheral dense granules (mitochondria) and a central paler area (cytoeentrum) surrounding a dense body. H 48, H —l— 14}. X 560.

FIGURE 2 Note that the cytoplasm of these three oocytes in primordial follicles is strongly reactive for glucose—6—phosphate dehydrogenase. II 54; paraformaldehyde fixative. x 350.

FIGURE 3 The cortical cells and the periphery of the cells in the Wall of the primitive follicles at right are reactive for adenosine~Inonophosphatase. The pronounced activity at the oocyte—follicle cell junction apparently is located in the numerous projections of the follicle cells present in this intereellula.r space. The activity of the enzyme is not maintained at the periphery of differentiating follicular cells of the multilaminous primary follicle at left. H 53; paraformaldehyde fixative. X 350.

FIGURE 4 A low—power survey micrograph through the mid-polar axis of an oocyte in a primordial follicle. Note that most of the organelles are concentrated in one pole of the oocyte; compare with Fig. 9.5. II 44-1; Karnovsky fixative; uranyl and lead stain. X 2700.

AL, annulate lamellae

C, Cortex

CA, compound aggregates

CF, coarse fiber

CH, cell chromatin

F, follicle cell

G, Golgi complex

H, heterochromatin

I, interchromatin granules

MT, microtubules

N, nucleus

NU, nucleolus

O, oocyte

P, projection

VA, vesicular aggregates

Note: In the legends the II number which identifies each patient is followed by another number identifying the particular oocyte represented.


Hertig AT. and Adams EC. Studies on the human oocyte and its follicle. I. Ultrastructural and histochemical observations on the primordial follicle stage. (1967) J Cell Biol. 34(2):647-75. PMID 4292010


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