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Plate 2

3. Transverse section through a typical villus showing the villous syncytiotrophoblast. Note large and small vacuoles and the ‘brush border’ on the bottom left-hand side of the figure. The nuclei aresmaller than those of the cytotrophohlast and tend to be disposed in pairs which are in contact or close together and are approximately of the same size. A conspicuous single nucleolus, or two true nucleoli, are present, more especially at the ends of a row of nuclei, suggesting amitotic division. x c. 550.

4. Typical ‘brush border’ on the syncytiotrophoblast of a villus. x c. 550.

5. Typical appearance of the cells of the cytotrophoblastic columns, showing bare areas and areas covered by syncytiotrophoblast. To the left and above in the figure are columns and masses which are probably remnants of the plasmoditrophoblast. x c. 550.


Hamilton WJ. and Gladstone RJ. A presomite human embryo (Shaw) - the implantation. (1942) J Anat. 76(2): 187-203 PMID 17104888

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