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Fig. 1170. Female Genital Arteries

The arteries of the internal organs of generation of the female, seen from behind. The arteries of the uterus are the uterine, from the hypogastric; and the ovarian, from the abdominal aorta (Fig. 1170). In the impregnated uterus the arteries carry the blood to, and the veins convey it away from, the intervillous space of the placenta.

(After Hyrtl.)


  • remarkable for their tortuous course in the substance of the organ, and for their frequent anastomoses.
  • termination of the ovarian artery meets that of the uterine artery, and forms an anastomotic trunk from which branches are given off to supply the uterus, their disposition being circular.


  • are of large size, and correspond with the arteries.
  • end in the uterine plexuses.


  • from the hypogastric and ovarian plexuses
  • from the third and fourth sacral nerves.

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Gray H. Anatomy of the human body. (1918) Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger.

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