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Plate 3

5. A section of the definitive cloacal membrane. Itshows the continuity of ectoderm and entoderm. The mesodermal cells pass around the side of the membrane. The amniotic cavity is situated above in the figure. Section no. 96. x 560.

6. A section through the prochordal plate. The entodermal cells are seen to be cuboidal. Chromophilic granules are seen in some of the cells and between the plate and the ectoderm. Section no. 28. x 700. .

7. The section shows an empty capillary vessel, cut transversely, which is lying in the mesenchymal tissue of a chorionic villus; it is bounded on one side by angioblast which sends processes outward into the surrounding mesenchyme. An isolated angioblastic strand lies below the vessel, but does not appear to take part in the formation of its wall. Section no. 93. x 350.

8. In the upper part of the figure, maternal red blood corpuscles are seen in the intervillous space. Below this is the trophoblast which shows a distinct division into plasmodial and cytotrophoblastic layers. In the chorionic mesoderm angioblastic strands and an early stage in the development of capillary vessels may be seen. Section no. 30. x 350. 44


Gladstone RJ. and Hamilton WJ. A presomite human embryo (Shaw) with primitive streak and chorda canal with special reference to the development of the vascular system. (1941) Amer. J Anat. 76(1): 9-44.

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