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Fig 6. 35 mm Embryo

(a) Section, 35 mm. below level of patent tube. Lam. epithelial lamina connecting pharynx (Ph.) with tympanum (T); M. Meckel’s cartilage; R. Reichert’s cartilage. v

(b) Schemes to show formation of lamina; explanation in text.

Its extent is seen in the 35 mm. reconstruction in fig. 4a and its appearance on section is shown, with diagrams representing its formation, in fig. 6. The first of these diagrams is a scheme of a section across the inner part of the short recess of an early stage, parallel with the wall of the pharynx: the 3rd arch (horizontal lines) forms the hinder part of the floor and limit of the recess, the 1st arch (M) forms its front part, and the 2nd arch (dotted area) is between these two in the floor, separated from them by the 2nd and 1st grooves respectively. In the succeeding schemes the 3rd arch is seen to extend forward under the lining membrane, over the second, obliterating the 2nd groove in doing so, and gradually pushing in the hinder boundary of this part of the recess. The 2nd arch thus drops out of relation with the recess here.

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Frazer JE. The early formations of the middle ear and eustachian tube - a criticism. (1922) J Anat. 57(1): 18-30. PMID 17103958

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