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Fig. 14. Two specimens of 45 mm

Intestines exposed by raising the liver carefully and depressing the pelvic parts: in A the liver is represented as divided transversely, and the drawing is somewhat diagrammatic. In A the ca:cum lay as shown in a curved state on the coils a. little to the right of the middle, but in B it was more to the right, though still delinitely resting on the coils. St. is the stomach. The inesocolon of the loop is seen in A but not in B. The overhanging projecting part of the omental bursa has been raised to show the coils, but the left transverse colon is too deep to be shown in this way. Altogetlier live specimens of this period were examined. Of the others, one ofubout 40 mm. was like A in its caecal relations, another of 42 mm. resembled B, but in one of 39 mm. the czecuin lay to the right of the coils. in this case the whole mass of coils seemed to he carried more than is usual to the left, so that the caecum was not much beyond the level of the duodenum although it lay to the right of them, and the right lobe of the liver was perhaps larger than usual.

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Frazer JE. and Robbins RH. On the factors concerned in causing rotation of the intestine in man. (1915) J Anat. 50(1): 75-110. PMID 17233053

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