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Fig. 107. Transverse section through the head of a rabbit

The same age as fig. 106 b. (From Kolliker.)

B. is a more highly magnified representation of part of A.

rf. medullary groove ; mp. medullary plate ; rw. medullary fold ; h. epiblast ; dd. hypoblast ; dd'. notochordal thickening of hypoblast ; sp. undivided mesoblast ; hp. somatic mesoblast ; dfjj. splanchnic mesoblast; ph. pericardial section of bodycavity ; ahh. muscular wall of heart ; ihh. epithelioid layer of heart ; mes. lateral undivided mesoblast ; sw. fold of hypoblast which will form the ventral wall of the pharynx ; sr. commencing throat.


Foster, M., Balfour, F. M., Sedgwick, A., & Heape, W. (1883). The Elements of Embryology. (2nd ed.). London: Macmillan and Co.

Volume 1 - The History of the Chick: Egg structure and incubation beginning | Summary whole incubation | First day | Second day - first half | Second day - second half | Third day | Fourth day | Fifth day | Sixth day to incubation end | Figures 1
Volume 2 - The History of the Mammalian Embryo: General Development | Embryonic Membranes and Yolk-Sac | Organs from Epiblast | Organs from Mesoblast | Alimentary Canal | Appendix | Figures 2

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