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The section is supposed to be made at a time when the headfold has commenced but the tail-fold has not yet appeared. F. So. fold of the somatopleure. F. Sp. fold of the splanchnopleure.

The line of reference F. So. is placed in the lower bay, outside the embryo. The line of D is placed in the upper bay inside the embryo ; this will remain as the alimentary canal. Both folds (F. So., F. Sp.) are parts of the head- fold, and are to be thought of as continually travelling onwards (to the left) as development proceeds. pp. space between somatopleure and splanchnopleure : pleuro peritoneal cavity. Am. commencing (head) fold of the amnion.

A fuller explanation is given under Fig. 29.

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Foster, M., Balfour, F. M., Sedgwick, A., & Heape, W. (1883). The Elements of Embryology. (2nd ed.). London: Macmillan and Co.

The Elements of Embryology (1883)

Volume 1 The History of the Chick: Egg structure and incubation beginning | Summary whole incubation | First day | Second day - first half | Second day - second half | Third day | Fourth day | Fifth day | Sixth day to incubation end
Volume 2 The History of the Mammalian Embryo: General Development | Embryonic Membranes and Yolk-Sac | Organs from Epiblast | Organs from Mesoblast | Alimentary Canal | Appendix

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