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Figs. 1-5

The four photographs, 1, 2, 3 and 4, were taken at different depths of focus. In each the oölemma, the nucleus of the first polar body, the perivitelline space and cytoplasm of the oöcyte are shown, also the cells of the cumulus oöphoros.

Fig. 1 shows the ovoid outline of the oölemma and the more circular form of the cytoplasm as seen in section. The minute irregular intervals and the fine fibrils which cross the space between the oölemma and the cells of the cumulus are seen except on the right side of the photograph. [x300 approx.]

Fig. 2 shows in addition some of the chromosomes of the oöcyte; the narrow cleft where the perivitelline substance has contracted away from the cytoplasm is seen on the right side of the photograph. [x300 approx.]

Fig. 3 under higher magnification than the other photographs. The nucleus and nucleolus of the polar body are seen in more detail. In the space surrounding the oölemma the radiating fibrils, some of which are cut transversely, are seen. [x560 approx.]

Fig. 4. The microscope has been focussed to show some of the individual chromosomes of the dividing nucleus of the oöcyte. x300 approx.

Fig. 5. Semi-diagrammatic sketch made by combining various optical sections. [X400 approx.]

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Dixon AF. Human oocyte showing first polar body and metaphase stage in formation of second polar body. (1927) Irish Jour. Med. Sci., 53: 149-151.

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