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Fig. 16. Horiaontal section through head of pig 20 mm long

Magnified 670 times.

At F, Fig. 16, is shown a band of tissue connecting the lens with the retina. This will eventually form the suspensory ligament or the Zonule of Zinn of the older writers. At H, Fig. 16, is shown the farther development of the cells which will eventually form the choroid and sclerotic and it will be noted that they may be traced well into the optic nerve (C, Fig. 16), at either side at the choroidal fissure, and it is these cells which will form the lamina cribrosa (seive layer), which strengthens the eye ball at this point in the adult eye. Also C, Fig. 16, shows the first growth of the axis cylinder processes through the choroidal fissure to form the optic nerve.

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Brown EJ. The embryology anatomy and histology of the eye. (1906) Chicago: Hazlitt & Walker.

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