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Plate 5

6 Grosser cmbryo, slide 3, row 5, sect. 3. From the edge of the body-stalk, to show surface mesothelium (Mes.) and mesothelial cord, leading from funnel (f.) to unlined space (a). Coe., coelom; h, smaller unlined space;c, endothelial cord. X circa 580.

7 Grosser embryo, slide 3, row 4, scct. 5. From the edge of the body-stalk, to show mesothelial cord leading to unlined space, containing corpuscles. c and d, mesothelial cords (see text); Coe., coelom. X circa 800.

9 Minot embryo, H.E.C. no. 825, sect. 25. Vesscl from the body-stalk, to show delamination of endothelium, and its extension as cords. Further descrip- tion in text. Coc., coelom; ~Z. U. , blood-vessel. X circa 800.

10 Minot embryo, H.E.C. no. 825, sect. 24. Angioblast net in the chorion, to show the irregular contour of the cord, suggesting amoeboid movements, and the extra-intimnl space even around the young branch. X circa 540.

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Bremer JL. The earliest blood-vessels in man. (1914) Amer. J Anat. 16(4): 447-475.

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