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Carl Gottfried Hartman (1879-1968)
Carl Gottfried Hartman (1879-1968)

Carl Gottfried Hartman (1879-1968) studied the opossum and rhesus monkey as models of the mammalian sexual cycles. A lab associate at the Laboratory of Embryology in 1925.

He was the first person to receive a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin (UT), Dr. Carl Gottfried Hartman (1879-1968) graduated in 1915 with a focus in zoology. He previously served as superintendent of Travis County schools (1904-1909) and taught at the Sam Houston State Teachers College in Huntsville (1909-1912). Hartman taught at UT until 1925, when he became a research associate in the Laboratory of Embryology of the Carnegie Institute at Johns Hopkins Medical School. In 1941, he joined the University of Illinois’s zoology and physiology departments, leaving to work for the Ortho Research Foundation in Raritan, New Jersey, as director of the physiology department (1947-1951) and as associate director (1951-1958). Hartman retired in 1958 and became a consultant for the Margaret Sanger Research Bureau in New York City.

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Carnegie Institution - Department of Embryology (1929)

Carnegie Institution - Department of Embryology 1929.jpg

From left to right: Warren H Lewis, George L Streeter, Martin Nordmann, Emanuel Fauré-Fremiet, Zygmunt Grodzinski, RH Hunter, Chester H Heuser, Carl G Hartman and Otto Leif Tinklepaugh.

Carnegie Collection

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Hartman CG. Studies in the development of the opossum (Didelphys virginiana L.). III. Description of new material on maturation, cleavage, and entoderm formation. IV. The bilaminar blastocyst. (1918) J Morphol. 32(1): 1-144.

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