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Notochord 02 icon.jpg
This animation shows the early development of the notochord occurring during week 3 of human development. The specialised region goes through a number of early changes before forming the notochord (or axial mesoderm).

This is a dorsal view of the embryonic disc, caudal (tail and connecting stalk end) to the bottom and rostral (head end) to the top. The indentations show the location of the cloacal (bottom) and buccopharyngeal (top) membranes. The raised region in the middle of the embryonic disc is the primitive node (Hensen's node).

The right hand side of the gastrulating embryonic disc is removed to the midline to show the the position of the initial axial process (purple). As the animation plays the axial process extends rostrally from the primitive node towards the buccopharyngeal membrane, where it stops.

A cross-section view above the primitive node is shown in the second animation below.

Grey - epiblast forming ectoderm | Yellow - endoderm | Orange - mesderm | Purple - axial process

Links: MP4 version | Notochord Movie | Notochord

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Notochord 01 icon.jpg

This animation shows the early development of the notochord in relation to the endoderm in the trilaminar embryo.

The view is a cross-section if the above animation, showing how the axial process initially is formed, then fused with the endoderm, to finally separate as a midline mesoderm structure.

Yellow - endoderm | Purple - axial process

Links: MP4 version | Quicktime version | Notochord

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