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The lettering is the same for all the plates.
  • n. c. Cochlear nerve.
  • a. h. Ampulla of the Horizontal Canal.
  • a. s. Ampulla of the Superior Canal.
  • e. s. Endolymph space of Superior Canal.
  • p. s. Perilymph space of Superior Canal.
  • v. Vestibule.
  • a. p. Ampulla of the Posterior Canal.
  • o. Otolith.
  • p. Posterior Canal.
  • p. h. Perilymph space of the Horizontal Canal.
  • e. h. Endolymph space of the Horizontal Canal.
  • c. Cochlea.
  • x. Fenestra rotunda.
  • h. Horizontal Canal.
  • p.p. Perilymph space of Posterior Canal.
  • e. p. Endolymph space of Posterior Canal.
  • a. c. Aqueduct of the cochlea.

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Gray, A. Observations on the Labyrinth of Certain Animals. (1906) Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Containing Papers of a Biological Character (1905-1934). 1906-10-12. 78 (525):284–296.

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