Paper - Another case of hermaphroditism in man (1924)

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Girgis A. Another case of hermaphroditism in man. (1924) J Anat. 58: 379-381. PMID 17104033

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This 1924 paper by Girgis describes Female human abnormal genital development.

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Another Case of Hermaphroditism in Man

By A. Girgis, M.R.C.S. (Ena.), L.R.C.P., B.Sc. (Lonp.).

A case was admitted to the Gynaecological Wards of Kasr-el-Eini Hospital, Cairo, under Doctor Mahfouz Bey, by whose courtesy. I was able to make the following observations.

The object of reporting this case as an appendix to the two cases reported in the Journal of Anatomy, LVII, Part 8, April 1928, is the presence of a few more valuable points elucidated in this case, on account of the fact that microscopical and abdominal examinations were made.

The patient, aged 19, had been married for three years, and came to the Hospital for treatment for sterility. The patient said that coitus was not properly performed, and that "she "had no sexual feelings towards either sex. "She" has six sisters and two brothers, who are all apparently normal. "She" has a slight moustache, and "her" shoulders, breast, pelvis and features are thoseofaman (Figs.1and2). The vagina is short and narrow and ends blindly. No uterus or ovaries could be felt. Two tumours were present-one on either side of the symphysis pubis, which could be pushed into the labia majora (Fig.3). Labia minora are well-developed. The clitoris - has been removed (circumcised) but shows a thick root. The urethra opens into a normal vestibule. There is no sign of -hymen.

Note in Figs. 1 and 2, the pubis is prolonged downwards, giving the appearance of the corresponding part in man.

The following measurements were taken:

Antero-posterior diameter of outlet pelvis 9 cms.
Transverse of outlet 6.5
External conjugate 16.5
Interristal 25
Anteriorinterspinus Posterior interspinus 10
Intertrochanteric 28

The left tumour was removed and microscopically examined. It proved to be a testicle with a vas.

The testicle shows active spermatogenesis. The abdomen was also opened, and the absence of uterus, ovaries, tubes, prostate and seminal vesicles was confirmed. The testicle measured 4-2cms. in length, and 2.2cms . in breadth.

This case is of type "B," mentioned in my previous paper, i.e. the patient is an imperfect male. Again, whether this is a case of true, or pseudo-hermaphroditism cannot be said for certain, as the right tumour was not removed, though it felt and gave the sensation to the patient of a testicle, like the left one.

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